Super Bowl 2013 Festivities!

ImageRavens vs 49ers

At first I wasn’t really rooting for anyone decided that since I like both teams I would just root for both each time they had the ball. Then the game started to get rather boring because Ravens were just wiping the floor with the Niners. But halfway through the game, in the second half they started to get their momentum going and it turned into a great game even though the NIners defeated themselves especially the last play of the game when they needed a touchdown to take the lead and win.  I was rooting for the Niners to make a comeback and it looked like it was just about to kick it into overdrive and kick some butt. Either way I was just happy whoever won as long as the Patriots weren’t in the Super Bowl!! The one team that I cannot stand in the whole NFL!! At least the game was entertaining and overall just a great game to watch, nothings worse than watching a blowout game.

Ate and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore!! Pizza, Honey BBQ chicken, chips and dip!! MMM so good. Even broke my rule of drinking no soda, I ended up having half of a two liter of Pepsi!! Oh well the Super Bowl is a special occasion! Had fun going to my husbands family house to watch the game, even watched 4 dogs play with each other which was highly entertaining!

Onto the Half time show, oh my goodness Beyoncé, not a fan of her or her music and don’t think that I ever will be. To me personally it looked like she was saying “Look at me, I just had a baby so I am going to dance on this stage and show off my body” Skanky is the only word that comes into my mind. It was mostly dancing like a slut with a little bit of singing. I just want to forget the images that are burnt into my eyes and brain!

Overall, yesterday was just a great day! Spent with family and friends!! Sad that football has came to an end what to look forward to on Sunday’s now?

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