Arrow: Oliver Queen


This is one of my favorite television shows, my brother and I watch together and it just keeps getting better and better. There was a total cliff hanger this past Wednesday that had me wanting more and I do not want to wait anymore but I know that I have too unfortunately,

For those who haven’t watched this show and plan to later on there will be no spoilers in this blog. I just enjoy this show and want to talk about it.

List of Cast/Main Characters

Stephen Amell: Oliver Queen/Arrow: (Billionaire Badboy who becomes a Vigilante, trying to clean up the streets of Sterling City after Surviving on a Island)

Katie Cassidy: Dina “Laurel” Lance: ( Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, and she is a lawyer)

Colin Donnelly: Tommy Merlin (Oliver’s Best Friend)

David Ramsey: John Diggle (An unorthodox body guard as it were)

Paul Blackthorne: Detective Lance (Father to Laurel, An Officer of the law who has distrust/hate towards Oliver)

Willa Holland: Thea Queen (The young sister to Oliver Queen and daughter to Moira Queen)

Susanna Thompson: Moira Queen (Oliver’s mother and the matriarch of the family, Nobody really knows what she is hiding not even her family)

I really want to get into the graphic novels/Comic books (published by DC Comics) to learn more about his back history and the villains that he has to deal with. Going to have to read up after the first season ends just to see the differences/similarities one day.

Looking forward to see what happens next and cannot wait to buy the first season, just really hope that they pick the show up for the second season! Time to scour the Internet to find out!




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