As of late I have really been getting into listening to podcasts, and the most recent one that i have listened to that really got me thinking about what game i am the most excited about,especially the last episode was on , as well as reading a post from about their most anticipated games of the year, I have decided that i wanted to share my love for Tomb Raider and why I am so stoked about getting this game March 5,2013!!

First off, I would like to start out by saying that usually I am not one for buying $60.00 new games, I like to wait until they become a little cheaper since I live on a married budget! But I had to make  an exception to the Re-vamped Lara Croft! (Pr-ordered it last year at Play N Trade) I love that Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix decided to tell a back story to such an amazing character! I won’t lie at first I was a little skeptical about the new look when I first read about it in my Gameinformer Magazine, but the more that I read about/watched Youtube videos I have to say that this game is going to be an amazing remake on an already awesome character! Just the overall story of her struggle to survive on an island after a catastrophic ship wreck is just amazing. Not to mention that the graphics look beyond amazing!! But, you really get to see why Lara Croft becomes a Tomb Raider and lives the way that she does. As the years have gone by I have always been curious when a back story would be told and now my wishes have came true! Now the wait has become unbearable I am officially on the countdown until this game comes out: 23 more days.

Be warned that I may not stop talking about it on twitter once I have my hands on it,  most likely I will take a picture of it with a huge dorky grin on my face!

Trip down memory lane

I remember playing Tomb Raider on the computer when i was younger, I would just run around the Croft mansion staying away from the creepy butler who followed you everywhere, man did he creep me out! Not gonna lie i would make Lara shoot at him, hear him wince and dive right back into the pool!

I will admit that i have seen the Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie at least 3 or four times! (Wasn’t a big fan of the second movie that came out) I may just have to see if i can find them so i can watch them before i play the new Tomb Raider game!!!

Shameless Plugs

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Thanks for the inspiration on this blog, Well Watchers Crew, they do a hilarious podcast that I rather enjoy,  along with the Team at Gamerfrolic, an awesome gaming website!  If you haven’t heard much about them be sure to check them out by just clicking  on the links above in my opening paragraph.

This is The Game Huntress signing off  &always  remember where there is Experience Points/Achievements I will always be on the Hunt!

Thanks for reading!

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