Cynical Holiday

ImageIts a day full of couples, flowers, hearts, boxes of chocolates, and a day dedicated to love. Seems as though people have a very cynical view towards the holiday that comes on the 14th of February. Its hard to understand people’s views at times but everyone is entitled to their opinion and in no way am I going to try and change those peoples feelings.

I have noticed that a lot of people say that Love is Unconditional and it shouldn’t only share that love on one day of the year. My answer to that is why make such a big deal about it its just another day to show appreciation for the ones you love, its a holiday to celebrate with the people you care most about not what that person gives you or what you get them !! I would then ask you this why does one celebrate St. Patrick’s day if your not Irish??

To me Valentines Day is a day to go out to a fancy restaurant (Don’t even have to go to a fancy place, just have an intimate date with food from home) and just enjoy the company you keep! I love my husband everyday of the year but I still like to celebrate the holiday of Love!!

I personally feel that people put way too much emphasis on what the day is supposed to mean, instead of just focusing on the one you love! It might be just another day on the calendar to some but to others maybe it has a special meaning to others.

I believe that people have just been dogging on holidays saying that they have become too commercialized which that might be true but what holiday isn’t that way! Honestly does it really matter if the Card companies make money off the people who celebrate Valentines Day, so does that mean that Christmas has become the same way along with, Father’s Day, Mothers Day and every other holiday that makes a damn card??

Another thing I think people do when it comes to this holiday is thinking that they have to do something more serious with the person that they are with that they normally aren’t ready for, especially teenagers. Not going to say much more than that hahaha Use your imagination and I am sure you will get my meaning.

What are your reasons for not liking this certain holiday?? There really isn’t a holiday that I don’t like!

Just remember to appreciate the time that you are given with your loved ones and try not to be so dang negative about everything.

Remember to say I Love you each and everyday while holding your loved ones close! And I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Valentines Day!

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