A Survivor is (Re)Born


Welcome to the Game Huntress’s Lair once again folks!! Tonight’s blog is about the recent Tomb Raider game, as if the picture above doesn’t give it away.

Before I start the review I would like to give out a shout out as promised to my friends over on twitter and newest podcast that I listen too, @webegeeks! They are starting a geek revolution and need your support! Stop over by their website and give them a listen and I promise you will enjoy their stuff!! Www.webegeekspc.com

Tomb Raider

This is easily my favorite game of the year!! I just completed the game two nights ago and boy do I have to say that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics hit the nail on the head with this one. Before you read anything further just want to say that I will do my best not to throw in any spoilers to the plot.


The story takes place on a island in the Dragons Triangle called Yamatai off the coast of Japan.


Endurance Crew: Lara Croft, Dr. James Whitmore, Conrad Roth, Samantha (Sam) Nishimura, Joslyn Reyes, Jonah Maiava, Angus “Grim” Grimaldi, Alex.

The island is inhibited by the Solarii Brotherhood, a violent cult of Criminals,  who like the Endurance crew had been shipwrecked on the island for sometime due to unexplained severe weather storms.

In this reboot, a young Lara goes on a expedition looking for an adventure, but instead the adventure finds her. Throughout the game you see how she goes from a young feeble girl to a survivor who will do what she must to conquer her fears and doubts about herself to try and get everyone off the island safely.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, convey real emotion throughout the title and in turn really makes you want to see Lara succeed. Also, The music they put to it really captures everything that Lara is going through in the moment and really entices you to keep on pushing forward onto whatever should happen.


My favorite weapon to use in the game is the bow and arrow. Makes for an easy kill behind cover especially when their is a large group of Solarii Brotherhood around. To upgrade any of your weapons you must gather salvage throughout each level and then once you hit a campsite you can upgrade the weapon of your choosing.


Overall the gameplay and controls were up to the standards in which I look at in any game. Some action sequences felt a little pushed but nothing too bad that would steer me away from keeping on playing it or even playing the storyline through multiple times. Another slight problem I did have with the gameplay was the duck and cover at times felt a little too much and even forced at times.

Before I write this next section in the blog I will apologize in advance there is something that really grinds my gears and I will not rest until everyone has heard my opinion on this next piece 🙂


Why in the heck did they decide to put multiplayer into this game, when its clearly not a title that needs it and honestly holds its own without it. I get it if its a shooter nowadays these people think that every game  should have some sort of multiplayer system put in place but this just doesn’t seem fitting to me.

I guess what it really comes down to is why did they have to make majority of achievements for multiplayer?? Blasphemy I say Blasphemy!! Rumors have it that there will be no Downloadable Content for Single-player campaign but ONLY for Multiplayer. So as a fan of video games I ask you, does this defer you from playing through the game again? or Can you overlook this oversight and continue to play Tomb Raider over and over again. I personally must find it deep down in my gut that I will overlook this because I enjoyed the storyline so much and I can see myself playing this title over and over again.

In fact I only completed the game with a 67 percentage so I need to go back through and complete majority of the tombs that I missed. Guess I was just in such a hurry to keep the storyline going that I overlooked the tombs but that’s usually how I play a game.  I go through the first time to beat it then the next go around if I have the chance I try and complete what I missed! And luckily for me I was able to buy this title so I have all the time I need to go play through several more times.


I played it on the XBOX360 but you can also find it for the PlayStation 3.

Tomb Raider gets a 5 out of 5 Controllers!! Go get this title you will NOT be disappointed!!

 This is The Game Huntress signing off and remember wherever there is experience points/achievements around I will be on the hunt!

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