T.P.D First Ever Guest Appearance!!

Hey there folks welcome back to the Game Huntresses lair my blog for all things video games, reviews and much more! This weeks post came from an idea while I was working on Saturday, which if you follow me on Twitter you might already know what I have up my sleeves this time.
I would like to introduce everyone to one of the coolest twitter followers I have, and the only person to indulge me in this interesting topic, Welcome Chris aka @Herr_Fristy!! First go ahead and tell everyone a little about yourself!
Let the Shameless Plug begin!!!
Hi everyone!
As the Game Huntress already said I’m Chris. I am a writer for @Gamerfrolic  and as a guest writer I do some writing here and there.
The reason why T.P.D is introduced is probably me, but in my opinion any writer should write what he/she wants despite what others think. After all it’s your opinion and no one else’s! Therefore I do not want to take any credit for getting the Game Huntress to put this up!
Name of Organization:
The Pen Defenders
Mission Statment
Stop the theft of one of the worlds most used writing Utensils..The Pen!!
Have you ever had a pen that you use most often at home and/or work, then you let someone use/borrow it for just a moment and then you thought said person had given it back to you. But when you go to use this said pen its vanished into thin air, only to realize later that it has been stolen from you by the person who you let use it.
Make no mistake, this IS a serious matter! Think of it like your roommate/sister/brother taking your only PS3/ Xbox controller and you have no idea where to find it. That pisses you off eventually. Same goes for pens that are taken without asking, it could make the owner go mad. Especially  when their favourite pens goes missing.
So people please, for the love of pens returns the ones  you’ve borrowed or taken without asking *cough*stolen*cough*. And for pen’s sake  always remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. So it could quite  easily make you pay, if it doesn’t…well let’s just say you can be sure that  the owner will!  
If you can relate to this kind of frustration, join the cause!!
We ask you to stand up against these pen theives and commit whole heartedly to keeping pens where they belong no matter how cool or awesome they might be. And we are also asking you if you have taken a pen from someone or a business to commit too never taking one again unless you decide to swap pens.
If you wish to support this organization you must agree to the following:
I (Your Name Here) hereby state that i will defend all pens from being stolen from family, friends, and businesses. And i take this seriously and i will pass along word of said organization, and i will practice what i preach!
We also ask you fellow defenders of pens to put T.P.D on your twitter bio for at least a week. Also, in the comment box below this blog post to put your first name, (last optional) and your twitter handle if you have one!
One final task to ask of you, please mention me (@GeekyGamerChick) & Chris (@Herr_Fristy) <Same tweet> saying “I took the TPD Pledge” <Hashtag> The Game Huntress
Thanks once again to the awesome Herr_Fristy for helping making this blog great! Hope you enjoyed working with me and who knows maybe we can continue writing together.
This is the Game Huntress Signing off.

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