Breaking Microsoft News

Xbox-Next-Gen-2013-Xbox-One-Reveal-041 Loyal Xbox fans your day has just been made if you have already read this article, if your just seeing this link now then consider today a fantastic day in the gaming universe!!

Microsoft drops their (DMR policies) no used games trading, buying, and borrowing other friends/family games and/or Rent! Say good-bye to the dreaded internet connection/every 24 hour check-in that had many Microsoft Xbox fans in a huge huff! Super happy! Glad that Microsoft was able to reconsider these decisions!

I knew in my gut that Microsoft would have a change of heart, was just waiting for the day I would be proven right, which was just a few moments ago!! I was never going to turn against them even if they didn’t do this! I am one who loves both system creators and I have all the love in the world for the different consoles, to me its the games that matter not what system you are playing them on! microsoft-live-event-xbox-360-001

I will still wait for about a year to pick up either the PS4 or XboxOne so they can work all the bugs that happen when a console launches.

The Game Huntress approves this message!!

Happy Gaming Friends!! Game on Ladies and Gents on whatever console you prefer!

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