Holy Smokes Batman!

Hello Readers!! Welcome back once again!

No new video games to review for you this week still in the middle of playing Deus Ex : Human Rev. for the PS3  so look out for that review as soon as i am finished! Super fun game so far finally started to get the hang of the whole hacking and overall the gameplay so should hopefully be smooth sailing from here!

The reason i am writing this blog is I had an awesome twitter friend Nolan do some amazing  graphic designs for my blog, which the one below, you can see at the head of my blog every time you read one of my posts.


How to contact Nolan! 

You can hear Nolan on a podcast called Sodapoptalk (@sodapoptalk on twitter) with his co-host @Detneirosid

http://sodapoptalk.podbean.com/ Be sure to check out their website and feel free to listen to the show! You know your enjoying the podcast if your brain has been Rotted!!

You can also follow Nolans own account @muunkie34 and to check out his other designs he has made be sure to follow him @muunkiedesigns as well. If  your interested in what more he has up his sleeve please send him an email.  MuunkieDesigns@gmail.com

gamehuntress 4_2 (you can find this on my twitter header)

gamehuntress geeker_1 (This is my Twitter display picture!!) Didn’t even have to ask for this one to be done he just made it!

Thank you for the awesome job and thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to make such awesome graphic designs for me, they were what I wanted and even more! You’re an awesome friend Nolan!! Hope to have you do some more designs for me in the future!

The purpose of this is to spread the word, and to express appreciation! If you got my back then I will have yours!

**Hope everyone enjoys the designs as much as I do**

Until next time, this is The Game Huntress signing off,  remember wherever there is experience points/achievements around I will be on the hunt!

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