The Heat (R)

The Heat (R)

Many people had their doubts that the FBI agent had already been done by Sandra Bullock but I must admit this movie made me laugh my ass off, and way better than I even expected!

Warning: If you oppose curse words then maybe you might not want to watch this but if F bombs don’t bother you then go see this movie! Bullock and McCarthy are quite the pair!sandra-bullock-the-heat-boston-premiere

Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans, Demian Bichir

Uptight Special Agent Ashburn (Bullock) of the FBI is ready for a new position and she gets assigned to help take down a drug lord in the city of Boston, Massachusetts where she is paired up with a loud mouth cop who uses the law in her own way (McCarthy) and they must get along if they wish to find  the drug lord Mr. Lassen.mccarthy12f-3-web

This movie is action packed, it has its sentimental moments, along with the endless humorous situations these two actresses get themselves into! I really enjoyed this movie and i will definitely add this one to my movie collection. This movie is definitely not meant for  your kids, get a babysitter, grab your girlfriends or significant others and go have some great laughs

I am a huge Bullock fan and the more and more i see McCarthy in movies the more and more i fall in love with all the crazy characters she plays! Another great movie that i loved with

Identity-Thief-1her in it was Identity Thief with Jason Bateman if you have yet to see it you are missing out on an awesome movie!

Rating: I give this movie a 4 out of 5! Less F bombs would be nice but what do you expect from a rated R movie!


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