Podcast Love Knows No Bounds

Welcome back! I Am Currently still playing Deus Ex: Human Revolutions, Loving Adam Jensen, voiced by Elias Toufexis, also still Imageneed to finish up Saints Row the Third, which is probably the most absurd game I have ever played in my gaming life ever!

I also had to go back and play through Dragon Age Origins after reading Gameinformers article on Dragon Age Inquisition, which was a freaking awesome article, if you haven’t read it then boy are you missing out and should get your hands on it if you have a love for Bioware’s Dragon Age Series! Anyways that’s pretty much how my gaming life is going at the moment other than that just working on making the biggest decision of my adult life. Still hush hush at the moment i don’t want to get overly excited then have it not work out but anyways more on that story later! Lets go ahead and get into today’s topic!


Have you ever heard of a Podcast? If not your super lame and are totally missing out on a epic thing! heehee! (Sarcasm here). But on the more serious front, if you really don’t know what a podcast is then go Wiki it or do a Google search and you shall know what Podcasting is! (Its purely audio epic goodness).

Today i was listening to one of my favorite shows, Podcasting 101 on Stitcher Radio, which is an app for your phone, you can also listen to it on any of your devices, and the Host Jason “Angry Ginger” @Podcaster101, @s7evendaysageek on twitter, was


interviewing the Host from Podcast Squared, who reviews other podcasts, and thus a great idea for my blog automatically popped into my head for a new segment! Ready to know what this great idea of mine is? Here it goes:

Knowing the love that I have for this. in hopes to one day start my own or be apart of a show, this is a perfect topic to add onto my blog of geekiness!

Each month I am going to write a post about my favorite Podcasts, I have several that i listen too on a daily basis that i want to help spread the love, as they have for me on  most of their shows! First one will becoming to you next month! I will be considerate and ask these podcasts first if i can use their logos, information and all that fun stuff in my posts otherwise there might not be any photos which in turn will make a sad blog post so lets hope they agree! haha

Stay Tuned next month for the First ever Game Huntress Podcast of the Month! I have already selected the podcast and now i need to email the crap out of them and get that post on the roll! Also, Look for my Video Game Releases for September here Imageshortly on Gamerfrolic www.gamerfrolic.com and i am going to start writing an opioion piece on one of my favorite gaming companies so be sure to keep an eye out for that and i will post all links on my twitter page when they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

Keep it nerdy, until next time.

This is the Game Huntress signing off, and remember wherever there is XP or achievements i will be on the hunt.




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Being A Geeky Gamer

Why do we label ourselves as Geek Girls or Gamer Girls when you barely hear people call guys Gamer Dudes or Geek Dudes? I believe we are all just Geeks/Gamers shouldn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl we all have very similar likes in common , lets just focus on that and leave the gender part out of it. Back in the day it was rare to be a Female gamer but the century we are currently living in it’s not so rare it’s actually pretty common.

Really read what these people have to say about this topic I think it’s a great thing and I thoroughly enjoyed this video, it just goes to show you that stereotypes shouldn’t be used in today’s society, I mean come on now! We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves for being gamers/geeks just let loose and have fun geeking out about the things you enjoy, and don’t put much emphasis on the whole “Fake Geek” thing.  Don’t be fooled there really is fake gamers/geeks, just because you put on a pair of glasses or take a slutty picture with a controller these things do not make you real!

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did and hopefully someone enjoys it just as much as I did. The singing might not be the greatest in my opinion but the message is wonderful. Break the cycle and stop the Stereotypes!

Keep it nerdy

The Game Huntress signing off!