Welcome to my Game Lair comrades! You’ve been waiting for my Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolutions and now you have it! Sorry once again for making you wait for my opinions on this game. Hope you enjoy!!!!

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Platforms: I personally played this game on the PlayStation 3, thank you for my free year of PSN for giving this game to me for free! You can also find it for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, WiiU.

Mode: Single-player

Genres: Action Role-playing, first person shooter, stealth.

Elias-Toufexis-adamAdam Jensen, Voiced by Elias Toufexis, is head of security who works for David Sarif, voiced by Stephen Shellen, the founder of Sarif Industries. He is there to protect the scientists who are working on a special project, mechanical augmentations, they were supposed to reveal what they had been working but that day ends in turmoil when a secret organization comes and kidnaps Jensen’s ex girlfriend Megan Reed, voiced by Michelle Boback, and her team of scientists. While during the Tutorial, Jensen is trying to get to Megan Reed and make sure she and the other scientists are safe and secure but in the process of doing so, he gets severely injured and David Sarif uses these mechanical augments to bring him back to life. Throughout the game the story begins to unravel itself and leaves you wanting another game.

You can either play the game stealthily or you can play guns blazing. I found the ammo runs out too quickly to run straight through but sometimes the stealthy way wasn’t always the easiest either, but 250px-Jensen_augs_noshadesfor the majority of the game stealth was the best way to go!

Controls were easily mastered the only thing that gave me a bit of a problem was the hacking system but throughout the game once you get your augments to the right skill level it gets easier rather quickly, with that said it doesn’t mean that they weren’t still challenging at some points especially when you’re trying not to be spotted by the enemy.

The boss battles throughout the game were far tougher than the final boss fight, in my honest opinion I think they could have done without at least one of those four boss fights. I expected to have more of a challenging final enemy then the originalsmaller boss fights, this is one thing that brought down my ranking of this game unfortunately.

If you do everything correct throughout Deus Ex: Human Revolutions you should be able to get all four endings in a single play-through. One ending however I feel is the better ending but I will let you decide on which way is best! Be sure to watch the video after the credits, honestly you wont wanna miss it, and I cannot wait to see what they can come up with next in the Deus Ex universe/franchise.

Nothing in this game made me not want to play it again and I will definitely go for another play-through, with the boss battles such as they are I will give this game a 4/5 Trophies!

This is the Game Huntress signing off, and remember wherever there is XP or achievements i will be on the hunt.

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