Review: Catching Fire By Shauna!

Review: Catching Fire By Shauna!

Welcome, to the 75th annual Hunger Games! Catching Fire is the sequel to the thrilling Hunger Games in which the beloved Katniss Everdean faces the difficulties of life after the games. Nightmares and a severe case of PTSD leave our hero feeling like a defenseless child. A beacon of hope and symbol for rebellion against her own will, Katniss sets out with fellow Hunger Games victor Peeta Mallark to tour the districts. This will prove to be the most important few days of her life as she struggles to please President Snow and keep fellow districts alive and safe.

Catching Fire succeeds in all the places it’s predecessor failed. You feel the severity of the situation and you care about characters that felt forced or overplayed in the first movie. Peeta, for instance, is much more likeable and WAY cuter. You actually care when he gets hurt, you laugh with him instead of at him, and the young innocent puppy is now a fierce grown wolf. But Peeta isn’t the only improved character; Prim, Katniss’s sister, and Gale, her other love interest, are both significantly more developed and their individual stories really come to bloom. A pleasant surprise was the glint of emotion you get to see in Elizabeth Banks’ eccentric character, Effie Trinket; it humanizes her in a way the first movie forgot too.

New game new tributes, but these games are different, this is a quarter quell. What that means is basically anything goes. To spice things up and evoke fear President Snow and the new game maker, Plutarch Heavensbee played by the always-amazing Philip Seymour Hoffman, decide to reap the tributes from a pool of past victors. Apart from creating far more interesting characters than in the first, it also ensures an even more brutal event. These victors are amazing characters and I truly feel that this is the main reason Catching Fire is far superior. Finnick Odair, played by Sam Claflin, and Johanna Mason, played by Jenna Malone, are the spice of life this cast so desperately needed.

Emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, action packed, and truly stunning. Thank you so much Francis Lawrence for picking up the slack in Catching Fire. You stepped up to bat at a tied game and hit a home run. Not only will Catching Fire appeal to the die-hard book fans, but also to the non-readers. Catching Fire has the promise of a great franchise that we have all been waiting for. ShaunaOH gives Catching Fire a 9/10

TGHMC Presents Josh’s Pick

Hello, blog readers! Welcome to the second review of TGHMC. It is I, the lovable Mistah J (Josh to some of our new readers). We have some awesome things lined up for you guys in the next review. Seriously, you should come back, it will be legen….wait for it….dary. If you want to read more about us crazy kids; check back a couple of blogs or follow us on twitter, or send one of those carrier pigeons! Anyway, enough banter, *loud echo-y voice* from the realm of Netflix, here is our review of Safety Not Guaranteed!




Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writer: Derek Connolly

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Marc Duplass, Jake Johnson, Karan Soni

Rated: R

Josh’s Review

Safety Not Guaranteed, directed by Colin Teverrow, is a quirky, very enjoyable indy movie. The movie takes place after Jeff (Jake Johnson, most notably of New Girl fame) a magazine writer, and two interns Arnau (Karan Soni), and Darius (Aubrey Plaza) are sent to a small coastal town to investigate an ad placed looking for someone to venture back in time.
images (2)After his failed attempt to get close to the ad placer, Kenneth (Mark Duplass), Jeff’s story takes a turn of chasing down a lost love. In his search for a second chance,  he finds himself taking the quiet and shy Arnau under his wing. This was a great B-story, it really pains to say filler material after Jake Johnson does a tremendous job.
The movie primarily focuses on Darius, the eager intern, who finds a way to get passed a very mysterious Kenneth. With his own set of requirements and training  for this journey, which at times almost ruin the mission, he finds himself getting closer and closer to Darius. In that, the more that is revealed about Kenneth and the more that should chase her away, Darius stays on the path. Their rigorous preparation begats a deep friendship to which finds Darius, not only placing her actually job on the back burner, but  eventually making a very huge leap of faith.
I was stunned by this movie. I really haven’t been that in awe over an Indy movie since Clerks. There was no let up, from funny quirky moments, to, dare I say, cute ones. All the actors did a great job in their roles, and I was most impressed by Jake Johnson. Easily the most recognizable actor for the average movie goer does so well in a supporting role, and you really begin to feel for him as his story takes a turn for the negative. The ending, while I did have a “yeah, right” feeling, just seemed to fit right in. Honestly this is a great watch, and for you Netflix people, it’s there for you now!
Rating 9/10
(I would like to take this chance to say congrats to our fellow reviewer and my awesome friend, Shauna, on her recent engagement!!)

Shauna’s Review

Safety Not Guaranteed is the story of three journalists pursuing a very odd story lead. An ad in the paper that reads “Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, WA 99393. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.” Intern Darius Britt, played by the charming Audrey Plaza, dives head first into the adventure of a lifetime when she meets the peculiar Kenneth Calloway, The Leagues Mark Duplass, who promises to take her on a dangerous time travel mission back to the ever mysterious 2001.

safeSNG is hard to put into words. Throughout the entire film you are aware of how amazingly brilliant it is, but you are unsure of how or why it is so great. You can’t help but smile like a little school girl and yet there is always a pit in your stomach telling you something is not quite right. There is this ever-present sense of worry that Kenneth will just kill Darius in a crazed rage, but hold your breathe for a while longer because the adventure is just getting started.

A cast of roughly 9 or so leaves you feeling intimately close to the characters and story. Weaving in love, passion, and regret all along the way; you not only fall for Darius and Kenneth but also become entwined in the stories of scumbag journalist Jeff Schwensen, played by Jake Johnson, and throwback spring fling Liz as they break down each other’s walls and become new. You cheer for intern Amau and love him indefinitely. The modest cast is not a reflection of ineptitude or the films insignificant budget (about $755,000) but rather of the  brilliance possessed by writer Derek Connolly and director Colin Trevorrow.

Safety Not Guaranteed is quirky, fun, and utterly charming. This is easily one of the most underrated movies of the decade and demands respect from passionate movie watchers. It will leave you on the edge of your seat rooting for the underdog and breathless with anticipation of what’s to come. A movie that has already managed its way into my top 20, ShaunaOH gives Safety Not Guaranteed a 5/5.

Sean’s Review
This moving was very intriguing to me because I’ve followed the two leading actors, Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass, in their current TV roles in Parks and Recreation (Plaza) and The League (Duplass) for a long time. I’m not sure how I didn’t see this when it was released, but nevertheless, I was very intrigued without knowing what the story entailed.
The story follows Darius (Plaza), an intern, for a Seattle magazine. She begins the story as already hating her job because she’s treated like most interns are, like trash. Her boss is a fierce micro-manager who doesn’t hesitate to thrust her authority on Darius. Darius also seems like she’s in a period of self-evaluation on whether or not she wants to sundance-portrait-safety-not-guaranteed-jpeg-04b3e-299x338continue working for the magazine or not.
The magazine picks up on a story about a person who’s posted a classified ad looking for a partner to time travel with. Thinking it would be a perfect opportunity, a staff writer, Darius, and another young intern named Amau hit the road to go meet with the person to write a story about them. This seems to be a big joke to them and so they take the opportunity to get out of the office and from under the authority of their tyrannical boss.
Once they begin travelling, it becomes clear that the staff writer, Jeff, has an ulterior motive for travelling to the coastal town in search of the time travelling man. He finds out that his high school crush, whom he is still interested in, is living in the town and wants to check on her to see if she’s declined aesthetically since he knew her last. He finds her once they get to town and quickly decides that she’s “too fat” for his taste.
Meanwhile, the crew stakes out the local post office to catch a glimpse of the man who posted the ad. After waiting, they find that the eccentric man, Kenneth (Duplass), is the one who posted it and quickly work to find out all they can about him. They eventually track him down at his job, a grocery store, and also follow him to his residence to eventually meet him.
Once they finally meet him, it becomes very apparent that he is very anti-government and is very skeptical of everyone. They realize that sending in Darius may ease him and he may be more open to a female companion. After Darius infiltrates his life, she begins to realize that he’s not a crazy guy. He’s simply a person who really believes that he has a master plan to follow once he successfully time travels. Kenneth is very distrustful of everyone and has honed his skills to survive any conditions he may encounter when time travelling. Darius begins to understand him and the viewer begins to realize that there is intense chemistry between them.
Things begin to go south for the plan when Kenneth robs a nuclear plant of radioactive materials. The plan begins to unravel and Darius becomes concerned that Kenneth may really be someone who should be institutionalized. Kenneth begins to be followed by a pair of unidentified men, but whom Kenneth believes is out to kill him. In the ensuing chaos, Kenneth realizes that Darius may not have the purest intentions and alienates her.
imagesCAXA1781They work hard to find Kenneth after he escapes and find drawings and instructions and begin to believe that he’s telling the truth. They chase him down to a pond where a strange contraption has been built. It looks like a boat, but has strange-looking gadgets onboard. Darius realizes she’s made a mistake and asks to rejoin him. Kenneth is powering up the boat and soon Jeff, Amau, and the two unidentified men watch as Kenneth and Darius disappear with the boat into thin air.
I was initially skeptical about the movie because it really seemed to have a lot of science fiction elements, but really seemed to lean towards a romantic comedy. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the story and the entire film itself. It really was an original story that ended up leaving me wondering what happened to Kenneth and Darius after. Both Plaza and Duplass are among my favorite television actors and it was really nice to see them in a different role than I’m used to seeing them in. Safety Not Guaranteed really showed their range and depth as actors and was a great choice by our own Josh (@O_Mistah_J).
Rating: 7/10
Game Huntress Review
Time travel, are you a believer that one day we might be able to travel back in time and save a loved one? then you will highly enjoy Safety Not Guaranteed! The movie starts out with three journalists looking for their next big story, when Jeff (Jake Johnson) comes across this strange ad, a guy who wants to go back in time and looking for someone to come with him, so Arnau(Soni), Darius(Plaza) and Jeff(Johnson) set out to find Kenneth(Duplass) to see if he is just a crazy psychopath or really has what it takes to go back in time and change events he believes to be real.
imagesAt first Darius believes that Kenneth really and truly believes that he is on the verge of completing his time machine, throughout the entire film Darius and Kenneth become even closer. Before letting Darius know any of his plan he makes sure that she is worthy to be let in on the secret, the more and more she spends time with Kenneth, and just the way she looks at him in certain scenes you know she’s falling for him more and more. The story mostly focuses on Darius and Kenneth but even Jeff and Arnau, have their own adventures!
At first I wasn’t very interested in the film but the more I watched and paid attention, the more I enjoyed it. I think it would be awesome if time travel was possible I’d probably be one of the first people to answer his ad! The acting felt a bit weak but progressed as the story took form, not necessarily as much as I had hoped for but nevertheless, it didn’t deter me from finishing SNG and I would go back and watch it again to catch the things I might have missed.
Rating 7/10
There you have it folks are second Movie club review! Thanks again to Josh for his wonderful pick please be sure to let us all know your thoughts on this movie and other suggestions you might have! We are adding two new folks into our movie club so the next posts you read we will have a different format so please stay tuned! I will introduce our two new members before we review another movie once I get a description like we had for our other movie clubbers! Email me
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Comic Review: E.L.E. Extinction Level Event Issue #1

Been a long time since I have written a review for a comic book, probably the last one was for Reincarnate which through twitter I was able to get a free PDF from one of the great minds on the team Michael Moreci! This one I am about to review is special because in my blog post for the Podcast of the Month I mentioned that I was able to become a virtual assistant for Jason “The Angry Ginger” on his podcast “Podcasting 101” and I was able to get a look at the first issue of his comic book, if your interested in reading more I will tell you how to reach Jason at the end of this blog. EnjoyimagesCAG8OCVN


Extinction Level Event

Story By: Jason Parsons

Art By: Francho Quilez

Ink, Colors, and Lettering By: Nekopunch

E.l.E is set in a small town called Pandora Falls, where everyone knows everyone, and nothing is kept secret for long without someone noticing. At the start of Issue #1, the town folks are just going about their day like usual, nobody noticed that something is coming crashing into earth from the sky, which simply looks like a meteorite, but this was no ordinary meteorite it was a separate entity all together. All hell breaks loose and let the bloodshed begin!!

Looking forward to seeing how each of the characters progresses in their development especially the entity that is terrorizing the town. The Creepy elements keep you on your toes, and I was always trying to guess whats going to happen next.  I especially like how the story began to unfold early on, some comics you read take a bit of time for the story to unfold but thankfully Parsons doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to progression of the story. I found E.L.E to be beautifully drawn and had absolutely stunning colors, along with the well written storyline will keep me coming back, going to have to get the next issue!

If you at all interested in reading Extinction Level Event please send an email to Jason and tell him you read this from me, and he will give you the information, also please be sure you tell him what you think of it, as well after reading issue #1 what you thought. If you’re a blogger/Writer go ahead please don’t be shy to write a review and share it with your followers as well. Help spread the love.

I sense great things coming from this indie comic! Thank you!

I give it a 5 out of 5.

This is the Game Huntress, and remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt.

keep it nerdy peeps


November’s Featured Podcast

Welcome back for another Podcast of the Month Post, sincerely hope that you are enjoying these as much as I enjoy writing them! Along with that if you have any suggestions for a podcast that you would like me to listen to be sure to let me know via twitter @Game_Huntress or even email me at I am always up for listening to new shows. Podcasts have taken over my life and I want each and every one of you to check out these great shows and become as addicted to them as I am. Without further a due I give you November’s Podcast of the Month!!!

7 Days A Geek

7 days a geek

Advisory This Podcast contains strong language so listen where you have no kids around. The swearing isn’t that bad but to some it may be offensive just to give warning to those potential listeners.
The guys at Seven Days A  Geek talk all things movies, comics, tech talk, and any other randomness that pops into their heads!

If you are on Twitter you can find 3 of the hosts on there just see below

Jay The Angry Ginger @s7evendaysageek
Aaron Oz  @Angry_Oz_Geek
Jeremy McBlizzard @ThatMcBlizzard
Mike Bacon – Bacon
Grant – The Kilted One (TK1)

Here is how you can get ahold of them or find more of their stuff please be sure to click on the links below!
“7 Days a Geek” on iTunes and Stitcher
Voicemail 206-339-1404
Search “7 Days a Geek” on Facebook

I came across this podcast by listening to other podcasts on Stitcher, when you listen to an episode on your mobile device it has a section called “Discover” and it gives a list of other shows you might like, I am not exactly sure what podcast I was listening to when I found Sevendaysageek but I am glad I found this show!

I even became a virtual assistant to The Angry Ginger for his show all about podcasting “Podcasting 101” by talking with him via Twitter. Not only does Jason communicate well via twitter his cohost Oz is very interactive as well! I personally haven’t spoken to Jeremy but I like the input he has in the show, with so many hosts there are more times than not when it’s just Jason and Jeremy talking all things geek and is highly enjoyable, but when they are finally all together its just as enjoyable! One of my favorite episodes is when Oz and Jay talk about Superior Spider-Man which made me go read the comic, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When listening to 7 Days A Geek, I know that you will laugh your pants off, there has been many a times where I find myself unable to breathe. Hope this blog does this podcast justice! I would also like to help promote these wonderful geeks out during their 30 days of podcasting so if you like what you hear please help them out, if you would like to know more please contact Jason.

For those new listeners please be sure to tell them where you heard about them from. I will give you cookie!! (No real cookie will be given thank you) Also please be sure to stay tuned for my comic review of E.L.E Extinction Level Event issue #1 which the story was written by Jay himself.

This is the Game Huntress signing off and remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt