November’s Featured Podcast

Welcome back for another Podcast of the Month Post, sincerely hope that you are enjoying these as much as I enjoy writing them! Along with that if you have any suggestions for a podcast that you would like me to listen to be sure to let me know via twitter @Game_Huntress or even email me at I am always up for listening to new shows. Podcasts have taken over my life and I want each and every one of you to check out these great shows and become as addicted to them as I am. Without further a due I give you November’s Podcast of the Month!!!

7 Days A Geek

7 days a geek

Advisory This Podcast contains strong language so listen where you have no kids around. The swearing isn’t that bad but to some it may be offensive just to give warning to those potential listeners.
The guys at Seven Days A  Geek talk all things movies, comics, tech talk, and any other randomness that pops into their heads!

If you are on Twitter you can find 3 of the hosts on there just see below

Jay The Angry Ginger @s7evendaysageek
Aaron Oz  @Angry_Oz_Geek
Jeremy McBlizzard @ThatMcBlizzard
Mike Bacon – Bacon
Grant – The Kilted One (TK1)

Here is how you can get ahold of them or find more of their stuff please be sure to click on the links below!
“7 Days a Geek” on iTunes and Stitcher
Voicemail 206-339-1404
Search “7 Days a Geek” on Facebook

I came across this podcast by listening to other podcasts on Stitcher, when you listen to an episode on your mobile device it has a section called “Discover” and it gives a list of other shows you might like, I am not exactly sure what podcast I was listening to when I found Sevendaysageek but I am glad I found this show!

I even became a virtual assistant to The Angry Ginger for his show all about podcasting “Podcasting 101” by talking with him via Twitter. Not only does Jason communicate well via twitter his cohost Oz is very interactive as well! I personally haven’t spoken to Jeremy but I like the input he has in the show, with so many hosts there are more times than not when it’s just Jason and Jeremy talking all things geek and is highly enjoyable, but when they are finally all together its just as enjoyable! One of my favorite episodes is when Oz and Jay talk about Superior Spider-Man which made me go read the comic, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When listening to 7 Days A Geek, I know that you will laugh your pants off, there has been many a times where I find myself unable to breathe. Hope this blog does this podcast justice! I would also like to help promote these wonderful geeks out during their 30 days of podcasting so if you like what you hear please help them out, if you would like to know more please contact Jason.

For those new listeners please be sure to tell them where you heard about them from. I will give you cookie!! (No real cookie will be given thank you) Also please be sure to stay tuned for my comic review of E.L.E Extinction Level Event issue #1 which the story was written by Jay himself.

This is the Game Huntress signing off and remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt


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