Review: Catching Fire By Shauna!

Review: Catching Fire By Shauna!

Welcome, to the 75th annual Hunger Games! Catching Fire is the sequel to the thrilling Hunger Games in which the beloved Katniss Everdean faces the difficulties of life after the games. Nightmares and a severe case of PTSD leave our hero feeling like a defenseless child. A beacon of hope and symbol for rebellion against her own will, Katniss sets out with fellow Hunger Games victor Peeta Mallark to tour the districts. This will prove to be the most important few days of her life as she struggles to please President Snow and keep fellow districts alive and safe.

Catching Fire succeeds in all the places it’s predecessor failed. You feel the severity of the situation and you care about characters that felt forced or overplayed in the first movie. Peeta, for instance, is much more likeable and WAY cuter. You actually care when he gets hurt, you laugh with him instead of at him, and the young innocent puppy is now a fierce grown wolf. But Peeta isn’t the only improved character; Prim, Katniss’s sister, and Gale, her other love interest, are both significantly more developed and their individual stories really come to bloom. A pleasant surprise was the glint of emotion you get to see in Elizabeth Banks’ eccentric character, Effie Trinket; it humanizes her in a way the first movie forgot too.

New game new tributes, but these games are different, this is a quarter quell. What that means is basically anything goes. To spice things up and evoke fear President Snow and the new game maker, Plutarch Heavensbee played by the always-amazing Philip Seymour Hoffman, decide to reap the tributes from a pool of past victors. Apart from creating far more interesting characters than in the first, it also ensures an even more brutal event. These victors are amazing characters and I truly feel that this is the main reason Catching Fire is far superior. Finnick Odair, played by Sam Claflin, and Johanna Mason, played by Jenna Malone, are the spice of life this cast so desperately needed.

Emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, action packed, and truly stunning. Thank you so much Francis Lawrence for picking up the slack in Catching Fire. You stepped up to bat at a tied game and hit a home run. Not only will Catching Fire appeal to the die-hard book fans, but also to the non-readers. Catching Fire has the promise of a great franchise that we have all been waiting for. ShaunaOH gives Catching Fire a 9/10

One thought on “Review: Catching Fire By Shauna!

  1. I was holding off on these movies because I wanted to read the books. When I look at the stack of other things I want to read that don’t have movies tied to them…I’m thinking maybe I should just give in and watch. Nice review!

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