The Innkeepers (2011) Review By Clancy!

Director: Ti West Written by: Ti West

Staring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis

“During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel’s haunted past begin to experience disturbing  events as old guests check in for a stay.”

I Ain’t Fraid of No Ghosts: Thoughts on Ghosts and a Haunted Inn

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The Innkeepers

I have been a long time fan of the ghost story. Be it a high budget tale of terror or a simple story sitting around the campfire, I’ll buy a ticket for that ride.  Fear is a very personal thing.  When you come to a supposed scary film you are an important element in achieving the desired effect.

My earliest memories of being scared and lying awake in bed go back to the days of Unsolved Mysteries.  A late 80’s program about real crimes that had gone unsolved.  Every so often Robert Stack, the host, would announce that it was to be a night of chilling tales, haunted mansions and ancient Civil War burial grounds. These were a favorite in my household. I would bravely watch from the comfort of a well-lit  living room. Later I would find myself awake for hours, staring at the  ceiling, trying my best to quiet my active imagination. I would never deny the possibility of a ghost. In fact I sometimes would talk to the potential ghosts. Assuring them I had no problem with their presence,  but if they could maybe not make themselves known to me, it would truly be appreciated.

As I grew older the ghost story in film became a favorite  genre. While a good zombie flick or slasher tale makes for an evening  of entertainment, I find the haunted experience to be quite different.  I can put myself in the situation, make it my own story, stir up that  active child-like imagination, and work myself into a state of fear.

Saturday night I settled in, turned down the lights, and took a chance that The Innkeepers could help me achieve a night of  self-induced frights. I can report back, mission accomplished!  By the  end of the film I felt tense, alone, and very on edge. I began to question each of the typical sounds of the night.
The actual story in The Innkeepers does not feel character driven. It never really takes the time to develop who these people are outside of the events of the film.  We do get that the main  characters Luke and Claire are working together, the hotel will be shutting down, and they are the only employees for one last weekend. Luke has a website, Claire is helping with some ghost hunting, and maybe Luke has a little thing for Claire.  Outside of the basics it never  really builds from there. The actors portraying theunnamed (3) characters (Sara Paxton and Pat Healy) do a fine job creating a believable chemistry. I just never felt a strong connection to these characters. Something that was done extremely well by John Cusack in the film 1408.  You had not just ghosts, but an incredible portrayal of a broken man, grieving for a lost son. This would be my biggest gripe with The Innkeepers.  You can like them, even feel a little bad for them, but you are not going to  remember them.
So why watch this movie?  While I felt they failed with  characters, I think they excelled with certain elements that make a  scary movie work. If we are going to be scared, we need the people in the movie to be scared Paxton and Healy do an incredible job building from indifference, to unease, to flat-out fearing for their lives as the movie progresses. When Claire is put into situations time and again, I believe the emotion being shown on-screen enough to put myself into the scene.  This helps intensify what is going on. I begin to truly feel afraid for her.
Time and again movies have proved that you don’t need to go big to create a terrifying situation. 1979’s The Amityville Horror  or 1980’s The Shinning immediately come to mind. I would not put The  Innkeepers on the same level, but they do many similar things that  worked for those two films. Much of The Shinning is the hotel itself.  On a smaller scale The Yankee Pedlar Inn is a great location for this movie.  It is a place that you could scare yourself in just by being  there late at night without the ghosts. On top of that you give the  place a little history. These places had really tragic events go down  in the past. You can feel a bit of that evil hanging around.  Then that evil starts to manifest itself.  The Innkeepers has a few effects and  visual ghouls, but relies a lot on atmosphere. With music, ambient  sound, and lighting the filmmakers increase the overall mood.  You begin to feel scared because of these things and not just because something jumped out from behind a tree. Never get too comfortable though. What would a horror movie be without the jump scene.  There are more than a few moments that will have you tossing the popcorn.
The Innkeepers will not be making any “Top 100” lists,  but it is a solid and watchable film. The characters are fairly  standard, but the actors still make them likeable.  It has enough creepy scenes to keep you engaged and always a bit on edge.  If you are a fan  of the ghost story and like more of a psychological scare I feel it is  worth your time.  I would highly recommend the three other films mentioned in  this review.  1408, The Amityville Horror and The Shinning. The Innkeepers is a fun addition to the genre, but these films are quintessential ghost stories

Article By: Clancy (@PDXGeek777)

Godzilla – Official Teaser Trailer

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godzilla-kingOfThe Monsters

Well boys and girls the first official teaser trailer for the new attempt at making that huge Japan stomping lizard, Godzilla has hit the web. I have to say after seeing the teaser it does look amazing. Again the trailer from the the 1998 Godzilla did look great also. Take a long and decide for yourself.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!

PAll year since the end of the first part of The Hobbit, I have been waiting impatiently for the next chapter to start, even in   the previous months whenever I would see the commercials for Desolation of Smaug, it would drive me insane and now that I have finally seen the newest movie in the saga I cannot wait for the final movie to come out! Rumors that I have heard are that we won’t have to wait until Christmas time for the third installment to come out and that it could be the middle of the year but then on the other hand I have also heard we’ll have to wait until about the same time so who knows what they are trying to do! All I know is that I have loved The Lord of the Rings series for as long as I can remember, I love The hobbit just the same, these movies definitely are in my top all time favorite movies. It took me a while to really understand the story the first time I tried watching The Fellowship of the Ring but when I sat down and really paid attention I was hooked! With all this being said welcome to my review!

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Starring: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans

Directed By: Peter Jackson

Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield. Gandalf the Grey , and the company of fellow dwarfs are continuing their journey to their misty mountain home that was once the home of the dwarves taken over by the fearsome Dragon Smaug. Along the way they meet some unlikely allies and foes, also they find themselves in the most particular tough spots but with the wit and courage of Bilbo they are most certain they will be successful in their mission to retake their misty mountain home! (Erebor)

hobbit-trailer-smaug-featuredWithout giving any types of spoilers, my favorite part of the whole movie is when Bilbo finally comes face to face with the ferocious Smaug, I just can’t get over how  great the dialogue between them was, Benedict Cumberbatch was just as amazing as he sounds in the trailers!  With that being said there was never a dull moment, I was sitting up in my seat the whole entire time not being able to take my eyes off the screen! There was a few times where I had to blink a lot due to some bright lighting in the movie but even that didn’t stop me from taking my eyes off the screen!

I am beyond excited to see how The Hobbit wraps up, I enjoy that there are some slight differences in the films and the book because I understand that a book would be able to go into further details as to how a character is feeling, or their personal struggle but in the same point movies feel like your actually there seeing exactly what’s happening in the moment. The only thing I could maybe see myself having a problem with is if they change the character that kills the dragon in the book with a movie character that wasn’t even particularly apart of to begin with, if you have read the book I am sure you can guess who I am talking about! Guess we will have to wait and see, honestly there isn’t too much they could do that woul0d make me hate the movies!

imagesCA6L7ZBQWith all this being said I give The Hobbit The desolation of Smaug a 12 out of 10 scales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen any of the Lord of The Rings movies you should get on it right away!

Review: Thor The Dark World by Josh

Review: Thor The Dark World


(or how I’ve learned to accept Hemsworth playing my part)

Hello, earth people! Writing this review from Asgard is certainly a challenge, especially when Loki keeps changing the wi-fi password. Anyway, here we go!
Dark World takes place two years after the first movie and of course after the events of New York. While keeping his eye on Earth, which digs at Odin, Thor resumes his role of protector of Asgard and other realms. Back on Earth, while still waiting for Thor to return, Jane along with Darcy and a new intern discover a disturbance which eventually leaves Jane (Natalie Portman) with very coveted powers.
The Dark Elves, led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who was once imprisoned is set on taking back what was his. His time as running short as a cosmic occurrence that only happens every 5000 years draws nearer, closing his window to leave the universe in its natural state, darkness. The dark elves stop at nothing hunting down this power, which leaves Thor witnessing tragedy.
With Asgard’s resourses depleted, Thor turns to the most unlikely ally in Loki. (I just heard all the ChickCast girls squee) This unlikely alliance along with Jane, Darcy, the new intern and Dr Erik Selvig lead to a final showdown with Malekith.
Okay, Dark World was a major step up to the first one. The scenery, the acting, the story were far better. Hiddleston as Loki NEVER fails to impress with his acting. His scenes alongside Hemsworth added humor to the movie and really brought Loki to life.With a sequel, (which is really hard to do without giving away the whole story) there is nothing majorly new really to introduce; only improve, which Dark World really did.
My only grumble with it was the Jane/Thor scenes. Much like Man of Steel, it feels so forced. And after one movie behind them, it should have improved and been believable, but I still couldn’t buy it.
Overall, definitely a good sequel. And it does leave it open to Thor being in Avengers 2.


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