Review: Thor The Dark World by Josh

Review: Thor The Dark World


(or how I’ve learned to accept Hemsworth playing my part)

Hello, earth people! Writing this review from Asgard is certainly a challenge, especially when Loki keeps changing the wi-fi password. Anyway, here we go!
Dark World takes place two years after the first movie and of course after the events of New York. While keeping his eye on Earth, which digs at Odin, Thor resumes his role of protector of Asgard and other realms. Back on Earth, while still waiting for Thor to return, Jane along with Darcy and a new intern discover a disturbance which eventually leaves Jane (Natalie Portman) with very coveted powers.
The Dark Elves, led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) who was once imprisoned is set on taking back what was his. His time as running short as a cosmic occurrence that only happens every 5000 years draws nearer, closing his window to leave the universe in its natural state, darkness. The dark elves stop at nothing hunting down this power, which leaves Thor witnessing tragedy.
With Asgard’s resourses depleted, Thor turns to the most unlikely ally in Loki. (I just heard all the ChickCast girls squee) This unlikely alliance along with Jane, Darcy, the new intern and Dr Erik Selvig lead to a final showdown with Malekith.
Okay, Dark World was a major step up to the first one. The scenery, the acting, the story were far better. Hiddleston as Loki NEVER fails to impress with his acting. His scenes alongside Hemsworth added humor to the movie and really brought Loki to life.With a sequel, (which is really hard to do without giving away the whole story) there is nothing majorly new really to introduce; only improve, which Dark World really did.
My only grumble with it was the Jane/Thor scenes. Much like Man of Steel, it feels so forced. And after one movie behind them, it should have improved and been believable, but I still couldn’t buy it.
Overall, definitely a good sequel. And it does leave it open to Thor being in Avengers 2.

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