Writer Hiatus

Sorry there hasn’t been new content in a while I have a severe case of writers block.

A few new updates: due to a difference of opinions, would rather not discuss the details, I was let go from Chickcast and am currently no longer a Podcaster at the moment maybe one day I’ll find a show where I belong! (Hit me up if u need a cohost 🙂 wink wink) I’ll be back. So for now I am just enjoying being a listener again!

Also I no longer write for Gamerfrolic as well, seems like my hobbies are taking nose dives which is fine by me more time to play video games and read books!!

I am cutting my intake of soda/pop!! Again haha!! Probably my 5th attempt.

Movie club has came to a stop due to the busy schedules of my fellow movie watchers.

And finally I am on a twitter break I haven’t checked it since Monday evening! Man it’s a lot harder than I thought but after the crappy month I have had a break was much needed!

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