Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne


Just finished yet another great book, have read 2 books out of my 6 GoodReads goal! Just started Scarlet by Marissa Meyer the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series!! Be sure to check out my post Titled Cinder!

Have you played Bioware’s Hit game DragonAge Origins, Awakening, and DragonAge2?Then I have a great book for you to read!! DragonAge: The Stolen Throne written by David Gaider (also the lead writer of the game)

This book goes back in time and covers the history behind King Maric and Teryn Loghain! You learn how they came together as a team and try to take back Maric’s throne which was stolen when his mother was murdered but I won’t go into further detail! You’ll have to go read for yourself!

I really enjoyed this book, I can’t get enough of the universe whether it be video games or books!! Can’t wait to read the other books by Gaider!! I know I can’t wait for an actual release date for DragonAge Inquisition!!! Anyways haha sorry for my ramble there.


I highly recommend this book!! Please give it a shot without comparing it to the game too much. Hope it doesn’t disappoint! Let me know if you read this book!! I love video game based books!!! Best of both worlds am I right?

This is the Game Huntress signing off, and remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt.

Until next time,
Game On!

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