What Faction would you pick?
Amity- The Peaceful
Candor- the honest
Abegnation- the selfless
Dauntless- The brave
Erudite- the intelligent

Divergent- From my understanding Divergent is when the aptitude type test each teen must take doesn’t put you into one of those categories listed above. But might be explained more in the next book Insurgent! Most Dangerous faction to be looped in.

Factionless is also available but not the best choice.

At first I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or even what tbe book was really about, you you kind lf have to expext the first book in a series to start off slowly then pick up the pace later on and that’s  exactly what happend in this book. 

I’m still impressed with Veronica Roth’s writing because normally if I cannot figure out the plot lines  or where a book is going I lose interest.  But she was able to suck me back in! Probably the fastest I have read a young adult novel!

I enjoyed Tris. You get to see her progress throughout the entire book and my favorite parts are whwn she is interacting with Four! Can’t wait to see where these two characters go!

I actually want to see the mocie but I will probably wait until it either comes out in redbox or even when/if it goes to the cheaper theater. 

Currently not reading anything but I believe my brother is buying me rh the next two books for my upcoming birthday!

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