Gojira!!!!! Godzilla!!


To put it simply, Godzilla was phenomenal! It was a roaring good time!!! How could you not enjoy the original Kaiju I mean come on Godzilla is the bomb!

So happy we were able to go see Godzilla before it officially released, glad you don’t have  to wait until midnight anymore to see New Releases. I have been excited since the first time I heard they were making another Godzilla film and couldn’t wait for it to come out, probably one of my most anticipated movies of the year,well besides the last installement of The Hobbit.

Now when it comes to the movie itself it reaffirmed my love for the giant monster! Bryan Cranston does an excellent job (even with a full head of hair) as always,  maybe they could have had him in there more but its okay we will all come out unscathed. (well some of us might haha Just Kidding.)

This movie was full of suspense and just when you think your gonna see something truly outstanding they tease you and make you wait just a bit more. There’s a epic battle that left me giddy as a school girl, I must admit I clapped I’m such a nerd!

Maybe the acting was not top notch but honestly monster movies seem to me at least to focus more on the effects of the monster than anything else. Plus have you watched previous Godzilla movies? Ill let you ponder on that one!

I don’t quite understand what all the hub bub about Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson playing husband anf wife then playing brother and sister as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, I mean they probably aren’t the first two to do that. Thought ths that’s what actors do maybe someone could explain it to me!


Made me want to watch Pacific Rim again!

Godzilla you will always be THE Kaiju of all Kaijus! Thanks for another awesome memory! 

Now to wait until my Birthdsy to see Xmen Days of Futures Past!!

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