Watch Dogs: Act 1

Been too long since I have had any reviews of video games so the other day I decided to review my newest grab but instead of waiting to beat the whole game, I figured I would just review it by the acts! So lets start with Act 1!  No spoilers I promise


Of course I had this game preordered! Honestly I almost cancelled my preorder because they were sketchy on a release day. Glad I voted against that idea because its a great game thus far.

Story wise I feel like it needs to pick up pace but I’m not even halfway done yet so I can’t get too impatient just yet! Aiden Pearce is a great protagonist just haven’t quite grasped what he’s all about just yet! I dig his character design and his voice!! (Noam Jenkins)

Controls are pretty easy but I must admit I still haven’t gotten them down fully but each time I play it gets a little easier.

Driving is a pain in the butt for me but that’s probably just me haha You should have seen me in Sleeping Dogs hahaha I was terrible took me forever to get good!

Hacking is super fun and super exciting plus it hasn’t been too difficult. Games like Deus Ex gave me more of a hassle when it came to hacking but not watch dogs. But I am sure each hack I do is gonna get a bit harder as I go along throughout the game.

You can hack people on the street, take money from them, hack traffic lights so people run into each other, pull up barriers and other grest stuff maybe I’ll be a genius hacker one day!!


Be sure you play the Digital Trips they are extremely fun so far the obly one I have done is SPIDER TANK! You terrorize Chicago in non other than a giant spider tank!! I must check out the other trips!!

That’s all for now Enjoy!!

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