What Faction would you pick?
Amity- The Peaceful
Candor- the honest
Abegnation- the selfless
Dauntless- The brave
Erudite- the intelligent

Divergent- From my understanding Divergent is when the aptitude type test each teen must take doesn’t put you into one of those categories listed above. But might be explained more in the next book Insurgent! Most Dangerous faction to be looped in.

Factionless is also available but not the best choice.

At first I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or even what tbe book was really about, you you kind lf have to expext the first book in a series to start off slowly then pick up the pace later on and that’s  exactly what happend in this book. 

I’m still impressed with Veronica Roth’s writing because normally if I cannot figure out the plot lines  or where a book is going I lose interest.  But she was able to suck me back in! Probably the fastest I have read a young adult novel!

I enjoyed Tris. You get to see her progress throughout the entire book and my favorite parts are whwn she is interacting with Four! Can’t wait to see where these two characters go!

I actually want to see the mocie but I will probably wait until it either comes out in redbox or even when/if it goes to the cheaper theater. 

Currently not reading anything but I believe my brother is buying me rh the next two books for my upcoming birthday!

One Geekified Interview: John

  Welcome back to my game lair hope your ready for another fun and exciting geekified interview. This one is with a my twitter friend John You can follow him on twitter @JohnGMBurke. He runs a blog thepopculturecafe.com and his very own podcast.


Tell us a little bit about yourself? Anything you would like to share

Well born way back in 62 so I am one of the older nerd/geeks out there. I have been reading, collecting comics and in the pop culture life since my older brother got me hooked on it. I have to say that unlike most teenage boys I never stopped collecting comics. I became attached to them because of the art and learned to read because of them. I live by myself except for my 2 cats and my kids, well sometimes. A single old geek/nerd looking for old nerd/geek love. Ha. I love movies but it take a really good one to surprise me now a day. Not a big fan of horror movies or drama. Have to go to San Diego Comic Con before the dirt nap. I have so many things I want to do but seen like I never have time for them all. Love to write a short novel or comic book.

Tell us about The Pop Culture Café Podcast?

Well The Pop Culture Cafe’ Podcast is me just seeing if I had something to say. It was a test to break that shell of mine. But also a chance to talk about pop culture, comics and entertainment. I have a couple of regular features, Movie Monday were I post interesting short films. On Thursday I have another feature called Cosplay Thursday and lately I have been feature some of the bigger Cosplayers out there right now.  I go thru the week and pick out stories that catch my attention and pass on the story with my view of it. I review comics that I have read but try hard not to really destroy them. Hopefully I can make people laugh also. You know I not sure what it is about sometimes myself.IMG_0779

 If you could give a nerd from this generation advice what would you say?

My only real advice is do what you love both in work and life. If you can make what you to do for a living the same as what you love do it. Do NOT let anyone tell you different. Be happy with being a geek/nerd/dweeb. In the end you have to live with yourself and be happy with yourself. That is all that matters.

 What made you decide to want to start your own podcast? Do you listen to a lot of shows?

I got into podcast to see what it was. I heard Kevin Smith talk about just take a chance, talk about what you want because each voice is different. Also I heard this fellow I know thru my son, Tommy Lutz doing it so I thought I give it a try. So I figured if this young guy from the small town could do it why not me. So I figure WTF I give it a shot. What pods? Lets see, Podcorn, The Inverse Delirium Podcast, The Steve Austin Show, Mission Log, CRH, Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro, The Nerdist, The JustUs Geeks Podcast, The Well Watchers, SModcast – Fatman on Batman, ChickCast, SModcast Hollywood Babble On, 7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101, Crash Course in Awesome. I am sure I will be listening to more later.

You have your own website how did you start it and why?

I started my own blog thepopculturecafe.com simply because I want to talk about and write about the things I liked. It was something to help pass the time and hopefully for when I sitting around in my old age it will give me something to do. I have doing it since Jan 2013 and surprised that I am. Almost a 200 followers but not sure how many are real. I enjoy doing my blog more that the podcast. I hope it shows. I would love to grow it with more stories from different people. So if your reading this and you like to write drop me a line.

 Your a doctor who fan what makes you love the show?

That is a real hard question to ask simply because I can not really explain it. I was in my teens when I first saw the show on TVOntario. There were not many SCI-Fi TV shows on during my time growing up so when something came on like that you just watched. It was different, new and strange. My Doctor was Tom Baker. Tom was interesting, funny and entertaining to watch. You had to let your imagination go wild and forget the bad special effects. It was story that made you watch. That same thing is the same today, it is the story.

 Which doctor is your favorite?

Well as I wrote above my Doctor is Tom Baker, Doctor 4 and of the new reboot it is David Tennant.

. How do you feel about Peter Capaldi being casted as the new doctor?

I think he will do fine. There is always a transition when a new actor comes aboard to play the Doctor. It will be some adjustment but I am looking forward to it. I have heard that he maybe a little darker so hopefully that won’t hurt the series.

Do you have anything In the works you would like or could share?

Well I have to say that everything is always changing in both my blog and podcast. I would like to get different people with different things they geek out about to write for my blog. The podcast is always changing from cast to cast. I can not afford different podcasts so I doing specials on my cast. A sample of that is TPCC PRESENTS: Supernatural S1 E1 with my daughter. Another will be TPCC PRESENTS: IDKS which is where I can talk about anything that is on my mind. Hopefully it will keep in the pop culture realm but just a somewhere I can vent. I hopefully a co-host once a month, right? I am hoping to have more joke commercials that I make myself.

 As a kid were you a bigger nerd or did you become one when you got older?

I was always been a nerd even thought that term has changed. Today I may be called more a geek than a nerd. I think as I get older I am become more and more of a neek. That is a term I have decided to call myself, a merger of nerd and geek. I even thought of putting my ashes into a Tardis urn when I die.

 What types of comic books are you most drawn too? How do you decide if one is good of not?

Well when I was first reading and collecting it was the art style. I was drawn to art because as when I was younger I love to draw but as I learn to read it was a combination of both the art and story. John Byrne was my favorite and still is. But now as I have gotten older my attention has been drawn to the independent books and the writing has become just a little more important the art. A good one to me nowaday is a good simple story that is not to heavy on super techno talk. A story based on simple truths.

. As someone who loves science fiction, such as ourselves, in your opinion what makes a good science fiction movie?

A good story. I know that is a simple answer but it all comes down to story. All the special effects can not make a good movie. If you look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier it was good movie because it took what is happening today and mix in the the world of fantasy/SCI FI and made it believable.

 in our pre-interview you said that you used to draw and do art is there a specific reason you don’t do it as much or are you doing it more recreationally?

I don’t do it as much because of the time constraints. With having to do the blog and podcast and being someone who has the sole responsibility of being responsible for keeping up the house work I just don’t have the time. I am thinking of putting up some on my blog. I do miss it at times.

Who inspired you to be the person you are today? How and Why?

Well who inspired me to be to be the person I am well I have really don’t know. My older brother help me find my love to comics, reading and SCI Fi so it did start there. But I have to sayculture that in general it has been numerous people have help shape me and I am still growing. From my brother to people like Chris Hardwick, Kevin Smith, George Lucas. My father for doing what he wanted to do and was happy doing it. To the younger generation who have grasp the new technologically and show that anyone can make things they love.

 How has social media changed your life? Has it affected it in a positive or in a negative way? How so?

Well I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I hate Facebook. I use it because I have to. I use it for my blog and podcast and to help keep in contact with some people. I have a twitter account which I do like a bit better than Facebook but with following so many I miss stuff. I also find it so impersonal and without the inflection of a persons voice you can’t tell is they are joking or not. It has allow me to find more people of the geek/nerd culture so that is the one advantage.

What’s one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

That I am a big coward. Getting into podcasting I have to ask people to come on and chat with me. But I have to get out of my comfort zone to do that and it is hard. I got some interviews for my podcast at the Calgary Expo but I have to really force myself to do them. Doing my podcast I always have to remember to just do it and not worry that people may not wish to hear what I have to say. Oh also that I am a lonely man.

 If you had to give up one nerdy thing you love what would it be. why and what would you replace it with?

TV, is that a nerdy thing? If it is than that would be it. I would replace it with reading. I do love reading but I seem that I can not find time for it. I mean books, not comics. I have a great deal of respect for writers and books are magically and can take you anywhere.

 Where can my readers find you?

Well if they wish find me they can find me at JohnGMBurke on Twitter, thepopculturecafe.com, thepopculturecafe@gmail.com, The PopCuture Cafe on Facebook or at a comic convention trying to pick up older nerd/geek girls.

You can also go to my page and click on the link as well!

(If your interested in being interviewed please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me by email or on twitter!! @geekygamerchick @gamehuntress thegamehuntress@gmail.com)

Happy Star Wars Day

May your geeky hearts be filled with all things Star Wars!!!

Happy Star Wars Day!! May the Fourth be With u. Always. Wear a Star Wars shirt on Day of Star Wars u must.  Master Yoda Commands it 🙂


Watch out for Revenge of the Fifth Tomorrow!!!!

Wish Chewbacca could come play at work with me!!

Alright enjoy a few pictures


Via Snapchat!! If u send appropriate snaps I may add u or even share my username.


This ones from yesterday on Free Comic Book Day! Great weekend it is to be a geek!!

(This post is brought to u by the Red Bull I drank because I stayed up until one am and had to work at 6 bahaha)



Written by The lovely and very talented Marissa Meyer.

Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles is about Scarlet her grandmother has disappeared and she must find her and figure out why she has been kidnapped. Scarlet meets up with a street fighter named Wolf, he decided to help Scar find her grandmere.

You will love the play on Little Red Riding Hood, know I did!

Cinder has escaped her jail cell where she was locked up from the end of the first book. She and her companion from prison Thorne plan to take back a ship that landed Thorne in prison in the first place to go on a search to find the long lost Princess of Luna.
My favorite character is Wolf. I don't know what it is I am just drawn to his character, I really hope that he makes it into the next book Cress (Repunsel in space can't beat that.)

One thing I loved about this book is that Meyers intergrated each plot with the other characters plot. It was done in such a way that doesn't bore you, and is easy to follow along with, from Cinder/Thorne, Prince Kai/Queen Levana and Scarlet/Wolf. I strongly suggest you read Scarlet and be sure to get cinder as well if you haven't read it yer.

Now currently reading Divergent!! Two books away from my GoodReads Goal of 6 books in a year!

Super excited my Birthday will be here soon!!!! Thanks for reading this blog!!