Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda: Ariana Grande

First off I would like to give a couple of shout-outs to two of my awesome twitter followers who gave me suggestions for a title for my new blog segment, which you are about to read. First goes to Jeff @osohombre for his suggestion of Tune Torture. (I like it maybe I will switch between the two names!) And second a big thank you to Dan @detneirosid for his suggestion of Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda, it was so catchy I kept finding myself saying it in different ways! Both were great ideas!

Now for a little bit of an explanation on the matter: we all have those songs that drives us nut and which in turn makes us want to rip our hair out when we can’t get those songs from out of our heads. As you know I have been picking songs I enjoy so I thought it might be fun to share the songs that I cannot stand, yet always get caught in my damn brain and wont leave when I hear them come on the radio.  Drum roll please: Please welcome my first ever Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda selection. Enjoy!

(Side Note) I would like to point out I don’t care for this song but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the artist or that they are crappy in any way. Just isn’t my cup of tea. DONT JUDGE ME!

Don’t be shy you can share with me some of those songs you wish you could stop from intruding your brainwaves. And thank you for reading once again I am getting so close to reaching my 2000th blog view!! Yay two years in the making! Up Top Baby!!

Also please like my Facebook page! I will love you forever and ever!

Last but not least I am working on several new geekified interviews!!! Ciao!


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