Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda: Chainsmokers

Welcome to round 2 of songs that are so annoying that they become catchy and you cannot get them out of your head for anything. Why are the worst songs always the ones that stick with us? Hmm I don’t know to be honest.

I have been making Flipagrams, I blame Stephanie @stephaniehxc, Love ya girl hehe 😀 for my latest craze addiction. Got to have something to do other than check twitter am I right? Considering I am on a twitter break I must keep sane somehow but anyways back to my point! For the one I am currently uploading one on my personal Facebook page (you can see parts on Instagram GeekyGamerChick), the song fits perfectly with the pictures! I will give you one guess from the song below what the theme is:

I really like the beat more than anything else. The girls voice drives me up the friggen wall! Someone stop me please!!!!!

Until next time,


The game huntress


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