Non Stop


My Love for Liam Neeson knows no bounds! Yet another great action packed film with my favorite actor of all time! He’s 62 years old and I adore him no shame!!  He is still kicking ass and taking names!!♡♥♡

Neeson plays Bill a Air Marshall for the government, the flight starts off like any regular flight until he receives a text message over a secure network stating that they are going to start killing people unless he transfers a large sum of money to a bank account.

The whole movie I was guessing who it was going to be and I was close to being right! I love a good suspensful who done it movie adfef bonus when Neeson is involved!


Glad we finally were able to rent this movie and if u love Liam Neeson as mucb as I do I think you will enjoy Non Stop! I know I am going to add it to my movie collection.

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