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 If you would like to be featured in one of these interviews please reach out to me! I think you’ll have a blast just geeking out about the things you love. I know I would! I am even considering giving myself the Geekified Interview treatment, if you would like to see more about me please be sure to ask me anything!  Just a reminder nothing inappropriate! Thanks again I appreciate all the support I have been getting lately!


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Now lets jump into our interview!

What can you tell us about your podcast Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks ?
imagecoupleMy fiance (Annaleis) and I do a weekly podcast about our crazy lives and thoughts on what we encounter during the week. It’s a little strange being that our podcast has no real focus. We try to stay positive and light. We want people to listen and laugh and have fun. We kind of think of our podcast as the podcast you listen take a break from podcasts. We just want to help kill people’s commute. Here is an open letter I have posted as to why I podcast;
Hello all! Some people have been asking why Annaleis and I have decided to do a podcast(some people have also asked what a podcast is, but that’s a story for another time).  I think that’s a good question, particularly  since our podcast really isn’t about anything. So many podcasts have specific topics, ie movies, comics, cars, sports, sex, music… But ours does not. We just talk and laugh and joke around about what’s on our minds, and what is going on in our lives.
Putting a set time aside, every week to talk and laugh with a person I love, and share my life with, is amazing. We get to create this little window in to our lives that we share with others. We get to sit and create this together. We are interacting. Not texting, not Facebooking, or tweeting, redditing, Google plussing or any of the other countless ways that we communicate with others these days. When we are done recording and we publish it, we open up ourselves to the world. The people who listen will hear our voices, our thoughts and our laughter. We allow strangers in to our world. They can listen, judge, laugh, enjoy or hate it. But it’s truly us. Together. Not really giving a flying cow what the outcome is because we know what we put out is real, and it’s ours…
It is also something that will be there forever (however long that is). Long after we are gone, these words, the hours spent, the stories told, will be there for others to hear. We plan to have friends and family come in to podcast with us. Not to interview them , but just to hang out and hear their stories. For my Sisters kids to hear their mom before she was their mom. To be able to share my moms voice with her great-great-grand kids. For all of our friends and family to have a conversation frozen in time that will be handed off to others.
 Let me stop here to say my sister does not yet have kids and, as far as I know, is not preggo!
We plan to take our pod-casting “on the road”. Pod-casting from baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Anywhere a memory and conversation can be saved, and later shared. To know that my family and friends laughter will be forever saved is why I podcast.
So, if you have a chance and want to check it out, please do! If not, it will be there if you decide you’d like to. And if you’d like to be a part of the podcast, please join us!! We would love to have you…
Thank you again for all the support. The response as been amazingly positive and very humbling…
I hope to talk with all very soon…
Love and Laughs,
Neil (the freaK)
Pre-interview you mentioned you’re a “Jack of all geeks, Master of none” (thought this was pretty awesome) what exactly do you mean by that phrase?
I mean that my geekiness spans many different themes,topics and genres, so I don’t give any enough time to become a “master” at any. I Love Batman comic books, but I couldn’t tell you all the different people who have written or have drawn Batman. Same goes for movies or toys or video games. I like enjoying these things, but I never really get too deep into whats behind it. Its funny when I’ll be talking a bout a couple of games I like and friends will say, “Sure, they were both developed by the same team”. I will have had no clue! I didn’t even know there was a team!!
What podcast(s) inspired you to start your own show? If any?
It was a Kevin Smith podcast, but I can’t remember which one. He was saying that it was easy and cheap to do, and everyone should try it. It sounded like fun, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was something that Annaleis was into also, and the thought of us having a project that we could do together sounded like a blast!
How many podcasts are on your playlist? What are some of your favorites?
I listen to way too many podcasts! About 40-50 a week. Mostly all indie pods now. It feels like hanging out with friends. I’m worried to name any because I don’t want to leave any out! I take great pride in trying to support as many indie pods as I can. I have no ego about it in that regard. I think there is enough of an audience for all of us, so I want to help my friends pods grow.  When we started our podcast, I had no idea how many indie pods were out there. At that time, I was only listening to the big guys and girls.
How do you balance work, home life, and the podcast, whats your secret?
I feel very fortunate, I really enjoy my job and can listen to podcasts at work. So, when i get home, I’m not stressed out from work so it easy for me to have the energy to play with our dogs and do work on the podcast, network and fit in a ride here and there! Being that the podcast is something that Annaleis and I do together, and the fact we don’t have kids, the podcast is part of home life. It doesn’t take time away for “us”. So, my secret would be to find an amazing person that supports you and enjoys talking into a microphone with you!
How often do you go Mountain Biking and what type of bike do you ride?
I try to ride on the trails 2x a week, at least 10-15 miles a ride. I also have a stationary bike in the garage i’ll spend time spinning on. Right now I am riding a Specialized Stumpjumper  FSR comp full suspension.
How did you get interested in mountain biking?bike
When I was a kid, I was big into BMX bikes and racing. Mountain biking seemed to be the natural progression. Riding has been such a huge part of my life since I can remember. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where its pretty easy to get on the trails all year-long.
What in your opinion makes a good comic book? What are you currently reading?
In my opinion, a comic book is good if the reader is enjoying it! I know that sounds cheesy, but I really believe it. I recently cancelled my comic subscriptions to pay for all the fun stuff we are buying for the podcast. But, I’ll be starting up soon. I am a huge Batman fan, so I’ve been enjoying everything Batman.
You love your dogs aka your little people tell us all about them!
imagedogYes, I am a crazy dog person!! Like over the top, talk to my dogs crazy! The reason I don’t spend more time on the trails is because I don’t want to leave them alone anymore than I absolutely have to! We have 2, an 8-year-old Doberman named Se7en, and a 1.6 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (sadly referred to as a “Pit Bull”)  named Zero. They are both sweet silly dogs. Se7en is named after the 7 deadly sins and Zero is named after the dog in the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. They are a couple of the goofiest, clumsiest dogs I have ever been around. Se7en is one of those amazingly well-behaved, well-trained, never leave your side, always listens kind of dogs. Zero is a little different. He is in his own world! He will spend hours staring at the wall, or a flower, or me. He is very gentle and quiet. Trainers have lovingly referred  to him as “special’, “sensitive”, and “soft”. I love them both dearlyimage
What video games are you currently playing, if any, and what are you most excited for in the gaming world?
I am currently playing “Watch Dogs”. I am enjoying it, but I haven’t put the time into it needed to be any good! I am a big sports and racing game kinda person. I haven’t played Madden in years, and this year I was invited by the guys from the GreenUP! podcast to be in a Madden league with them. So I am very excited for the new Madden to come out. I am also looking forward to “The Crew”, which is to be an open world racing game.
What type of movie genre is your favorite and why?
Wow, that’s a tough one. I like so many different types of movies. Movies like “The Boondocks Saints”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Snatch”, I would have to say is my favorite genre. But I am not sure what that genre is called! I like those movies because they make me think, can be funny, sad, uncomfortable and have action, all at the same time.. That was probably a terrible answer, huh?
What was the last movie you watched that you were the most excited for and did it meet your expectations?
The Last Movie I watched in the theater was  “Godzilla”. I enjoyed it, but I was expecting so much more. I am not exactly sure what I would have changed. Perhaps I wanted a bit more of Godzilla. I really liked how they seemed, at times, to try to stay true to the original Godzilla Movies. I was a big fan of the originals.
Do you have any advice on building a studio and/or starting a podcast?
Yes!! Do your research!! Ask a lot of questions!! Set a budget! People can go all out and spend tons of money building a studio, and if you have the space, time, and money, GO FOR IT! But, if you have a much smaller budget, you can put something together that will sound amazing without breaking the bank. People are out there that want to help you! They want to share their knowledge and will help you to not spend money on things you don’t need. Just put in a little time in the beginning researching…
As far as starting a podcast, DO IT! Find a good host site (I love and use Libsyn), and then start podcasting. Do it with friends or family. Do it by yourself. Just give it a shot!imagesCCCOLQOI
How has social media improved/impacted your life?
Social media has introduced me to some really great people in the podcasting world.  Some people I never would have thought I would ever meet. Different views, different locations, but all really great people.
Tell us a little about yourself! Anything you would like to share!
I am a very fortunate person who is surrounded by amazing people who love and support me. Every day, I get to wake up safe and happy. I try to remember that during the day. I try to do what I can to help those who are not as fortunate.
If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Be yourself! Be proud! Have fun and share your geekiness with others. We are all geeks, some people just don’t know it yet!
If you had to give one geeky hobby up what would you choose and what would you replace it with?
Boy, that’s a tough one… I think I would give up toys. Since they are pretty much just things I look at, I could spend that time “doing” something else. Plus, It would make more room for comics, and video games! I don’t think I would replace it with anything. I would just get more geeky on the things I already geek out on!
if there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?
Sometimes I see “geek on geek” hate. People trying to out-geek each other, or saying that whatever they geek out on is a more pure form of geek than some other geekery. I think there is room for all of us. We will get much farther if we help each other. That, and all the hate talk during online gaming!! What the hell is that about? It can be downright hateful… I think that’s sad.
As geeks we’ve all been ridiculed at some point in our lives how did you deal with that and how has it affected you as an adult?
Well, as a kid I was really lucky. My parents were very supportive and caring. This is terrible to say, but I also played, and was good at sports, so I was left alone by the sports crowd. It also made it possible to protect or help out all the people who were made to feel less than, because of the things they liked. I was in Drama club, on the football team, played guitar, had long hair and wore bracelets, and pretty much marched to the beat of my own drummer. As an adult, I feel it has made me very open to all people and curious about people who seem different from me. I always think that everybody has something to teach me. I love to meet new people and hear their stories!
Where can my readers find out more about you and other projects you work on?

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