Mass Effect Trilogy

We all have that one game we can play over and over again and never get bored. Mass Effect is one of those games for me. I have beaten 1 and 2 probably 3 times each and number 3 I just beat it a second time around.

Each time I play I still learn something I missed for example I didn’t know if u played as a spacer Shepard could contact his/her mother throughout all 3 games.

I love bioware and they could possibly be my favorite gaming company from Mass Effect to the first game I ever beat on my own Star wars Knights of the Republic to Dragon Age! I’m looking forward to seeing if they knock my socks off again with Inquisition!

Doesn’t matter how many times I play this series I always get emotionally invested in the story and the characters. Yes I do shed some tears.  No shame. 

Now that I got Mass Effect out of my system (again) I started Dragon Age origins in attempt to kill time for Inquisition to hit the shelves in November. (Curse you Bioware for pushing it back) 😉 At least  I don’t have to wait as long as we did for ME3

Self reminder: Play as Male Spacer with Ashley romance!

Now I know a lot of people complained about how the third game ended. To me I was just sad to see it end! But thankfully they are working on bringing us Mass Effect 4! Hip hip hooray! Shut up and take my money!!

If u haven’t played this series give it a shot! A true Sci-fi storyline! Will always hold a place in my heart!  

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