VGC: Saddest Spoiler

Yippee Skipee! Look at me I am a woman on a mission and I am on a roll hear me ROAR!  Sorry about being overzealous today I am smiling from ear to ear today I got some awesome news today concerning this blog! Your looking at the newest member to the GeekCastNetwork 😀
Got the invite today and boy did it make me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Where was I? Oh yes the video game challenge.

The award from the saddest game moment goes to(spoiler)
The-Coolest-Vehicles-in-Gaming-This-YearMass Effect 2 opening sequence when the beautiful warship The Normandy gets destroyed by the collectors/reapers! I cried, bawled in fact nobody destroys my baby! Thank the maker Cerberus was around to rebuild, thus The Normandy SR2 was born. Only good thing to come out of cerberus, well i guess Commander Shepard’s life as well they did piece him back together after all!

Now i leave you with this sad picture of my warship The Normandy blown up. Please hold back your tears i know i intend to try too!
goodbye-normandy-2Wahhh! 😦

Until tomorrow,
Getcha Game on

This is the game huntress signing off and remember wherever there is a XP or Achievements I will be on the hunt~

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