VGC: Getcha Console on girl!

This blog post is brought to you from my computer! I am currently listening to The Well Watchers on Stitcher as I am writing this next challenge post! Hooray for a Shoutout 😀

Favorite Console

UHH do you seriously even have to ask this? Move over Sony this girl loves her Microsoft Xbox (360 currently)! As I have said in the past I am getting an original Xbox from my brother-in-law. The original Xbox was the console that started it all! I never really had anything Sony and that’s okay with me. Now I did play on the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo growing up but it wasn’t my love at the time, I was trying out that whole girly Barbie thing haha  I have also mentioned how Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was the first game i ever completed alone. So naturally that’s how my love for gaming/Microsoft came to be!

As many complaints as I have heard about the Xbox One I still want one,You won’t scare me away! Gotta stick to my guns on this one, doesn’t go to say that I wouldn’t love to have a PlayStation 4 but I want my X-bone!

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game On!

This is the game huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will always be on the hunt!

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