Graduation. Part 2.

Welcome movie lovers to another rendition of Movie adventures of Courtney and Robyn! As promised earlier this month here is part two of 8 movies! Decided to put our first letter of our names in front of the movie title so hopefully its a little easier to distinguish our reviews especially if you miss out on a segment.

Any ideas for our next theme? Please comment below!
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C-Hot Fuzz (2007)
hggghSimply put its Simon ***** Pegg, need I say more? Well That wouldn’t necessarily count as a movie review now would it? What can one say about Simon Pegg Movies, You know its going to be rude, crude and a knee slapping good time! Hot Fuzz is one of my favorite Pegg films to be honest next to The Worlds End! There are some pretty gruesome death scenes but they aren’t without a little bit of comedy.  Cannot forget to mention Nick Frost he is pretty badass as well, glad he appears in a lot of Peggs movies!

R-The Fog (2005)

When reading the summary for this movie, it really does sound like a pretty interesting movie. I was drawn to it by the fact it takes place on an island, but not with the usual “lost at sea” scenario. However, I think the summary given by IMDB (and Netflix) pumps it up to be more than what it is. It turned out to be just another cliché ghost story. It basically just boiled down to revenge. It was still enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but slightly disappointing. I really did like Selma Blair’s character, though.



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