VGC: Five in a Row

Good morning Saturday! Well that’s what it felt like to be able to sleep in on a Saturday! I almost forgot what it felt like, if only I had Sunday off but Noo! someone ruined that for me but I wont get into that at the moment. *grumble grumble*

Challenge: Game you have played Five times.
Answer: Mass Effect Surprise! Surprise! I know 😀
No matter how many times I play the Original Mass Effect I cant keep myself from playing it over and over again. Hurry up with Mass Effect 4 Bioware!
“I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog on the Citadel!”
Why thank you Shep!

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game on!

This is the game huntress signing off and remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will be on the hunt!


7 thoughts on “VGC: Five in a Row

  1. I’ve never finished a game multiple times. I guess it’s because I either focus on “endless” games (ex: Madden / FIFA franchise mode) or multiplayer after I finish a campaign (Call of Duty, Halo). I started playing Mass Effect 2 for a second time in an attempt to play through the Renegade options but got distracted by newer titles. Maybe if / when the Mass Effect Trilogy comes out on Xbox One I’ll give it another shot.

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