VGC: Currently Playing

Do you know what day it is? Monday you say? Incorrect well kind of! I’ll give you half credit 😀 See I can be nice! Its Video Game Challenge Day 14! Just finished watching Jack Ryan and Ender’s Game a few moments ago both movies I started at night and fell asleep so I had to go back and finish them. Both ended up being great films but I digress!

Games I am currently playing
(supposed to be screen shots but they don’t transfer from my phone to computer correctly so I will just share logos of the games I am currently playing)

Playing alone: Dragon Age Awakening. The expansion pack to Dragon Age Origins.
I am preparing for Inquisition I probably will not make it through DA2 before it comes out but damn son I am going to do my best!
imagesEU1S516OPlaying with my husband: Halo Reach
reach I just got Gold again yay and it was a free game this month! I keep wanting Master Chief however but you’re not playing him this game. Poo. One thing that I don’t like is I don’t get any achievements from completing stages like other Halo games I have played. Maybe I’m thinking of other games that do that I can truly not say!

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game on!

This is The Game Huntress Signing off and remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will always be on the Hunt!

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