VGC: Pretty Cutscenes

Having an extremely bad day so here’s a short blog post for todays challenge! You don’t even want to know! Trust me.

Game with the best cutscenes! There’s a tough question if I ever heard one. How does one choose? Hm. I find all cutscenes to be beautiful!  It feels so wrong to pick just one. So I’m not even going too so take that 😛

Several I love include
-Mass Effect
-Dragon Age
-sleeping dog
-watch dogs
-Call of Duty

Holy smokes I could ramble on forever.

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game on

This is The Game Huntress signing off Remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt. 

Make sure you check out my friends over at the GeekCastNetwork such a great network to be apart of!

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