One Geekified Interview: Kris of The Gravy Age

Thursday afternoon and boy do I have something that you would love to read! I have another brand spanking new interview for you to read through, Please welcome a close Twitter friend of mine Kris! You can find him on twitter @KrisofGravyAge and you can listen to his podcast on I will give a few links at the end of this interview so if your interested please take your mouse and click on them or your finger however works best for you!
Now your tired of hearing from this girl lets just jump right in! So glad I was able to get this one in the bag, its fun interviewing fellow geeks especially when they are good friends you talk to almost everyday via the internet!

How has social media improved/impacted your life?

KrisI’ve met some amazing people, not just through podcasting, You just don’t know who you can end up talking to and bonding with, I met one of my absolute best friends online and over the years she’s become a sister to me (Hi Jess!) I’ve gotten to talk to people from all over who are making comics, making movies, following their dreams, it can be tremendously inspirational.

Who inspired you to be the person you are today?

My parents of course, Superman, but more than anyone these days, my kids. Kids really help you take that step back and realize there is wonder, and something to discover all around you, if you just open your eyes and look.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Anything you’d like to share,

I’m a single dad, recovering alcoholic, just trying on a daily basis to be a better dude and a better dad, Part of the reason I jumped back into comics when I got sober is that I realized how much I loved comics, they aren’t really something that can be experienced with others. You don’t gather a group of friends around a comic. How you take in the art and words, the story as a whole, is pretty personal. You can talk about them after the fact, but in the moment of reading, it’s a unique experience. It’s something that occupied my brain and engaged me, and reading monthly again was fun. It gave me something to look forward to, when things were frankly, pretty bleak. You don’t generally get sober because your life is going so well.

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

Find others who share your interest, find out what inspired what you like, give that a shot. Don’t be ashamed by what you perceive to be “geeky” or “nerdy” you are no more of a nerd for being to talk all day about Batman than somebody who can tell you everything about the 1983 San Diego Padres or rattle off football stats.

if you had to give up one geeky hobby up what would it be? And what would you replace it with?

Hmmm… Video games? That’s a tough one. I would replace it with more writing, maybe screenwriting more often.

if there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would you change and why?

I don’t know that I can speak for “geek culture” in general, it’s a bigger societal problem, but I will speak specifically of comics culture, there is rampant misogyny in the fandom. Guys are openly hostile to female fans, creators, bloggers, or more often than not anonymously hostile. But vile,scary, evil things. “How dare a lady criticize a comic book cover, let’s send her RAPE THREATS, let’s threaten her bank accounts, career, let’s threaten her with physical harm for having an opinion and wanting to see women portrayed as something other than empty headed sex dolls.” Comics I love you, guys we gotta do better than this. I want to share comics with my kids, that includes 2 little girls, do I want to encourage them to come into comics facing this? It’s on us to change this. Comics Alliance has some articles detailing this crap. It’s scary stuff.

Where can my readers find more information about you?

They can find me writing over at or listen to me doing bad impressions and saying sometimes tasteless things on our podcast, available on the site or by looking for The Gravy Age on Stitcher and iTunes. Stop by and say hello on Twitter @KrisOfGravyAge, I’m always looking for creators to talk to. I love talking to people who are doing it, helping them spread the word. It genuinely makes me happy.

As geeks we’ve been ridiculed at some point in our lives, How did you cope with that and how has it affected you as an adult?

I don’t know that I dealt with it properly, I kind of withdrew, or at least didn’t really mention I would still pick up comics or manga. At some point, I’m not sure if it was an age thing or what, I stopped caring about what people thought. I realized there were plenty of people out there that were reading comics, analyzing comics, laughing at comics in a good natured way. There is a great community out there, despite some bad eggs.

Tell us about The Gravy Age Podcast. How did it come about?

The Gravy Age is a bi-weekly podcast were I get together with my buddy Chris and talk comics, movies, whatever happens to be on our minds at the time. We had known each other for awhile, I worked with his wife, Chris and I hit it off and kept threatening to start a podcast, eventually… We realized, who never talks about comics? White guys in their 30’s (oh wait, that’s 95% of people talking comics, bad example) The stars aligned, or we got bored enough or something happened, next thing you know the pieces were coming together and we were off and running.

What kinds of music are you into the most?

A lot of classic rock, I don’t want to say I listen to everything, I don’t go for country or rap really. Gov’t Mule, Ani DiFranco, Prince, Funkadelic, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd. Unless I’m writing then I can’t handle anything with lyrics, so it’s either surf music like DaiKaiju or soundtrack stuff like John Carpenter or Akira Ifukube.

What are some of your favorite podcasts that you listen to? Did any of those shows inspire you to join one of your own?

I listen to a ton of podcasts, Wait, What? And the Frotcast are two favorites. The Gravy Age would not exist at all without Awesomed By Comics, Chris and I are both massive fans and still listen to old episodes. Also Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, which I found with one of your previous interviews with Neil. The Kaijucast. Cake & Cookies is great, it has little to nothing to do with cake or cookies.

What kind(s) of guitar(s) do you have? What is your dream guitar?

I have a Fender acoustic, an old LTD Horizon, and recently got a Southern Belle from Hardluck Kings, which is a Telecaster style guitar, so I’m covered for my humbucker and single-coil needs. I also play a bit of mandolin and keyboard. Dream guitar? Hmmm… That’s tough, several years ago Epiphone did a reissue of the ’57 Explorer with a Korina body, I came so close to buying one and didn’t, and I kick myself for not grabbing it. I’m thinking about trying to build a guitar, maybe not totally from scratch, but who knows? I’m always off on one hare-brained scheme or another.

How did you get interested in comic books? Was it something you enjoyed as a child or in your adulthood? 

I was aware of them as a little kid but wasn’t really into them until the 4th grade. I got really sick and was in bed for like a week, one day my Mom came home with a stack of comics she grabbed at the grocery store. Spider-Man, X-Men, probably some Superman and Batman. After that I couldn’t get enough. I would rake leaves, pull weeds, mow lawns, anything around the neighborhood to get money to get my fix. And to my parents credit they supported it fully, because I was reading. I fell in love with comics, and even though there was a point that I drifted away, I could never fully let go.

What interests you the most about the horror genre? 

So much, it’s a way of safely confronting fears… I love practical special effects, the gore. I love that you can do social commentary, morality can be explored, and unlike comics, horror movies are better experienced in a group. I love creatures of all sorts. 80’s horror is my comfort food, if I had to pick a decade that was my favorite, that’s it.

How big is your comics collection and do you read them digitally as well?

Not nearly as big as it used to be, I really am rebuilding from scratch. I started really collecting again when I got sober, a little under 2 years ago.(Just want to make a interjection real fast, that is great keep up the awesome work please continue) Maybe a couple hundred singles, a few dozen trades. I do read quite a bit digitally too. Marvel Unlimited is kind of amazing. Access to thousands and thousands of comics for a monthly or yearly fee. It’s great.

You mentioned you like making music on the computer. What does that entail?

jhhI use Ableton Live. It’s a different way of doing things for me, I’m much more comfortable cranking up and playing with other people. Right now I have a little Novation Launchkey Mini, which is a midi controller/ keyboard and I have a little Fender Mustang amp that has a USB out so I can start working some guitar into things. I’m still figuring things out, learning how to do string arrangement, and things like that. I would really love to score a horror movie. I’m currently stockpiling song ideas to find a collaborator or a few to work on an album. I’ll be on the lookout for a female vocalist before too long here.

Whats your favorite thing about being a podcaster? What advice could you give someone looking to start their own?

I love meeting other podcasters, I have met so many awesome people doing this. It’s so much fun. Am I going to get rich doing this? No. I pretty much do this show for an audience of 2. Chris and I. The fact that people actually listen and everything else still blows me away. If you are looking to get into it, find something you love, maybe a friend or a couple friends and start talking. Be yourself. Have fun. If there is a podcast you dig, engage with the hosts, 99.9% of them will be excited and grateful to hear from you. It’s fairly cheap to get into. Don’t be afraid to remind people you have a podcast. (The Gravy Age can be found at and on Stitcher and iTunes)

What comics are you currently reading?

A lot of Marvel, Daredevil, All New & Uncanny X-Men, Amazing & Superior Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel. I am having a complete brain fart right now. I read The Walking Dead and Saga in trades. I really, really liked Smell A Rat by Carl Smith and Stan Chou, you can find it on Amazon. it will be included in the upcoming horror anthology The Horror Of Loon Lake. Go check that Kickstarter out, it’s going to be rad as hell!

Just for some fun. We want the juicy gossip about your co host Chris!

We record all of out episodes in the nude, staring lovingly into each others eyes. Sometimes we touch tips. Nah, Chris is a great guy, he named us, he does all the technical stuff, he’s the heart of The Gravy Age.

Was it intentional having both hosts named Chris/Kris or did it just happen that way?

Pure coincidence. One of us spells it better, I won’t say which. (It’s me)

What geeky ways have you handed down to your children?

My kids love video games of course, we play Magic: The Gathering together, they love going to the comic book store. My daughter Rosie is pretty severely learning disabled, she loves comics because she can still visually follow along with the story. She smuggles comics onto the school bus. I got a note from her teacher one day, “Please do not send Rosie to school with Axe Cop” They love horror movies too, it’s fun, I got them a book from the library on special effects, they love discussing how things are done. Instead of being scared we talk about how they think certain effects are used. And Pokemon, those things are all over the house, games, books, DVD’s, toys.

Well there you have it folks! Big virtual hug to Kris for braving the storm and talking to me! Hope it was excruciatingly painful! Nah. Just kidding. Anyways Here are the links. Please check out The Gravy Age Podcast! You wont regret it I assure you! Now where did that Chris go? He cant escape his turn for long! Muaha! Once again thank you to all my volunteers so far! I have two more interviews in the works for you so hold your breath!

Good evening!

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