VGC: I Like Graphics I cannot lie!

Tuesday, October 7 2014
3:53 P.M.
Day 23 Best Graphics or Art Style.

THE FLASH PREMIERE IS TONIGHT HALLELUJAH! Oh hey there reoccurring and new readers you’ll have to ignore my excitement. Not one hundred percent sure why I am that excited for a show I can’t even watch tonight. Guess the geek in me is too excited, please put it online somewhere I can watch it CW here’s looking at you kid!
Please pardon the interruption! Now back to your normal scheduled challenge post!

Oh dear! Another tough question to answer considering how each game incorporates a new style of graphics! Can I plead the fifth? I know I have done it a few times but if you think its easy you go right ahead! No, no I tease. Probably should pick other games other than my normal Mass Effect answer or Dragon Age. Let me think…..

Okay so here are some of the games that are my favorites, I am so not good at narrowing things down to a single game as has become abundantly obvious. Ask me for a favorite show/movie I couldn’t give you a straight answer!

-Red Dead Redemption
-Dues Ex Human Revelations
-Sleeping Dogs
-Watch Dogs
-Call of Duty Ghosts
-Mass Effect Series
-Dragon Age series
-Tomb Raider

This is the Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will always be on the hunt.

Until Tomorrow.
Getcha Game On!

So looking back at the challenge picture from day one I have a question. Where did Day 30 go? Anyone know!


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