Vacation Terminated.

Hi everyone!  Sorry I have been MIA this past week but I have a really good excuse!

On the first of this month my Husband Joe and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary of marriage!  Wow! Its been great, its been rough but thankfully we are still going strong!  We are pains in each others necks but at least we stay true to each other no matter what and that matters the most.

We stayed in a fairly decent hotel room for the weekend!  Then after that we had the whole week off for Vacation! Didn’t go or do much but it was nice to take a break from the daily frustrations of work.

That time has come to an end and its back to normal life and work schedules. I might become MIA again on and after November 18th because of Inquisition coming out but in the meantime I will try and get more comics read and more posts written up! Until then I’m off to go make a list of blog posts to get done since I’m a slacker!

Have a Good Day!

Ep 32 Tommy Lee Loves Jim Carrey

The Pop Culture Cafe

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Ep 32 Tommy Lee Loves Jim Carrey? Wonder that is about well take a listen and find out. I have news on a new show about Superman’s old home. Superman’s cousin coming to CBS. What is going on with The Hulk and Black Widow, no movie for them? What are the plans for the Wonder Woman movie and how many. That and so much more. So download and listen. I dare ya.

Check out this episode!

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