Merry Christmas!

Hello my loveliest of lovely blog readers. Before I get up and moving I just wanted to say Thank you for your loyalty without you this site of mine wouldnt have been such a success! This will be the last post of the year 2014!

May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate Christmas.


See you in the year 2015!

Welcome to the Dark Side

Well I just have to say I am one Happy Happy gamer today! Christmas came early for us this year wait until you see what I have to share… wait for it…wait for it…


Went and picked up an Xbox One. Woo Hoo! I’m loving my new toy and baby!!

Thankfully my Work paid everyone outright for all of our unused vacation hours! I still had about 150ish hours left and was able to get this sweet sweet piece of hardware!

I am currently waiting for AC unity to install on my One.. boy digital downloads take forever!!

I have a code for Xbox One Dance Central if anyone is interested I will never play or use it. So please leave your name in my comment section and you’ll be entered in a drawing! Or if your on Twitter you can dm or @me about it!

Video Game Movies. Take 2

Hello fellow movie watchers/lovers! I realize that this post was supposed to go up onto the internet towards the tail end of November but life got pretty hectic with work and the holiday of Thanksgiving got in the way but hey I need something else to post into this fine month of December.
let’s get to round two of our Video Game Movie picks. Robyn is up first this time lets see what she picked/enjoyed!

Robyn’s Pick
Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
gajgaWhat video game movie is guaranteed to show you the most gruesome, creepiest creatures ever thought of? That’s right, Silent Hill. I decided to watch the second installment, Silent Hill: Revelation (mostly because the first one isn’t on Netflix streaming). This movie continues the interesting life of Sharon, whom now goes by the name Heather. She starts to see things, alternate realities, pertaining to Silent Hill. She’s being followed by a P. I. whom felt the need to warn her about the Order who tries to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets a boy (I had no idea who Kit Harrington was when I first saw this movie, but do I now) who turns out to be from the Order trying to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets other interesting characters, such as Alessa’s mother and two girls who got lost and trapped in a mannequin-spider’s web, and the terrifying Pyramid Head. After wandering through the town, saving Vincent from the nurses, becoming one with Alessa, she confronts the leader, who is actually the ugly razorbladed monster we see periodically throughout the movie. Pyramid Head comes in to fight her, then after killing her just walks off (I don’t understand why he would save her). Her father decides to stay and look for her mother. I think they did a great job spelling out the story, giving the how’s, the who’s, and the why’s. I don’t know how the games play out, but I think I can assume it doesn’t follow it on every point. That’s not always a good thing to do, but in this case it worked out just fine. I kind of hope they do another movie. I would like to see what other creatures they could come up with.

Courtney’s Pick
Doom (2005)
imagesWE0PM6NDWell first off how could you not love a movie that has Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban in it? I mean they are two muscle-bound hotties, oh sorry got of track a little bit!
There is one scene in particular that sold me on this entire film and yes I know it has been criticized for the cheesiness of it all but growing up playing this game, or watching a sibling play, then you know what I’m talking about. (I remember playing with the chainsaw hacking up everyone) I love how at the end (spoiler) it shifts into First Person Mode while Urban walks down a long Corridor to save his sister (if I remember correctly been a while since I have watched it) anyways you can correct me if I am wrong. I find it hard to keep details straight any longer. However with that being said I usually don’t go for these types of movies and if I do end up watching them it has to be light outside way before my bedtime *Dooms not that scary, not even in the slightest* if you enjoy campy movies like myself then you’ll love Doom. I am a huge Urbanite as I like to call myself! We need more video game based movies am I right?

TGA Podcast Episode 0024 – The Steamin’ Undies

The Gravy Age

Episode XXIV has arrived! Topics for this episode include Days of Future Past, recent character casting announcements, those crazy cosplay kids ruining cons (not), the Star Wars Episode VII teaser, chlorinated Furries, and the Fantastic 4 film being “Doomed” to fail. Chris also shares tales of his recent San Fran trip. Warning; there is some talk of various bodily functions in this episode.

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One Geekified Interview: Steve Kasan, from Wasted The Series

Hello geeks of all kinds, welcome to the final Geekified interview for the year! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this awesome idea of mine and for those who participated this year. Never fear I’ll be back next year with a whole new batch for your eyeballs to read! I hope to get a few bigger named people for interviews but to be honest I like getting to know people like myself. But without further a due here is the final interview of the 2014 year. Please welcome Steve Kasan! He has a wonderful idea and is a great person to get to talk to. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @WastedTheShow

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Anything you would like to share!

I’m a child of the 80s, grew up in the 90s, and enjoyed the 2000s. Pretty much the same as any Nerd/Geek out there, but, heavy into fantasy stories, surrealism, anything out of the ordinary. Why be normal right? I like a bunch of things or I should say willing to give it a chance. For instance, with films, instead of saying “Oh this sucks”, I am thinking, “okay, why did they do this instead of that?” Or, what was George Lucas thinking when he did this because it is all a series of moves. Sometimes its spur of the moment, but, at times there is thought behind certain things. I am also an Actor, Writer, and, I guess producer. Also an Illustrator too.

  Where can readers find out more about you and other
projects that you work on?

You can check out my facebook page ; The Wasted twitter account which I mostly handle @Wastedtheshow ; for other stuff I have worked on there is a list but you can check out my imdb page I think that makes me an “official” actor having an imdb page. Gimme LIKES so that my star meter can go up. It counts! For something really neat, I made a parody video called LeBronception which got some views. It is a parody of Inception and when LeBron James went to Miami. Have a look you will see how it fits in:



For newer projects check out Out of Time series a time travel action drama web series @Outoftimeseries 

And, The Past Tense which is a throwback to 80s action comedies. 

 Who inspired you to be the person that you are today

I would say a lot of people. Friends, some actors and directors I admire, illustrators. Anyone who is doing something than sitting around bitching. Life really is short so we have to hustle. We have to the tools today we can do it. 

 How has social media improved/impacted your life

Hugely. The power of social media is that it is faster to connect and meet people you would never expect. No matter what you can find people who are like you and who are interested in the same things. You are not alone as Zod from MoS would say. Especially for anyone creative, like myself, it is a great way to connect and meet people to help each other out. Like this Q&A right now is a great example. If not for a random tweet and follow would we have this today? Doubt it. And, you are an awesome person too!

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say

This is a good question. I would say any Geek out there be open to different interpretations of properties. Different takes on stories, characters, etc., is a good thing. As long as the essence is kept in tact anything can work.  

 Tell us about your show wasted the series that you’re currently working on

Wasted is a Zombie Stoner Geek Comedy. Without going into tooooo much it is about a diverse group of friends who have these amazing adventures when the Zombie apocalypse happens. I want to bring about the “diverse group” because the characters are based on my friends and I. We grew up with a whole mix of people with the same geek/nerd interests. We live in a time where our circle of friends is not just 1 denomination and, as stated, geek culture is pop culture. I can go into Walmart and buy a Fight Club shirt. Also, we want to bring the fun aspect of a zombie apocalypse or a post apocalyptic world. Yes, there will be dire situations for the characters but it can be pretty epic as well. We are bringing in elements of video games, comic books, different comedy formats, animation, anything to make it unique. In the end we want “Wasted” to be known as THE show. Like how Community, there isn’t anything like it out there, that is the point with Wasted.
To add some Starship Troopers in here, “Would you like to know more?” just follow us on twitter and our Facebook page. Look for the Skull and Cross Blunts with Wasted and that is us on FB. 

 If any readers wanted to help you get your show going in any way what can they do to help

Best way to help at the moment is follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook as we will post updates on what we are doing in 2015. When those materials come out it is about spreading the word on how people should get “Wasted”. Fan interaction and participation shows there is an interest. There is something about this property which can help tremendously. Tweet out to Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Joss Whedon, “our” people I think and that you should check these “Wasted” guys out. And, we will not forget. We currently are in the same boat as everyone reading this. We go to cons, every Wed im there picking up new books, we’re standing in line for the latest release, we DVR and binge watch. Any one that helps us we wont forget. We are the community.  

 What goes into a show such as wasted the series

A lot of work, planning, and our own money. It would be nice to have a financier so anyone reading this with money holla! Luckily we have backgrounds in film and acting so we know what to do, in the end, you gotta do it yourself. One thing I can say is that to anyone reading this who wants to make something have a team, or, yourself be dedicated. It is a LOT of hard work. In the end, it pays off because creating is hard and rewarding. When we made our Wasted film it was a lot of favors, planned weeks, months, long nights, but we had a dedicated team who believed in this project. That is a key to, believing.

 Do you have any advice for somebody looking to get into this side of show biz

Going back to the previous answer, if you are working on a project make sure everyone involved believes fully in it. I cannot stress that enough. I have been on projects where people come in as just hired guns. They do their job, get paid, see ya at the wrap party. I have also been on projects where they do it for free but know in the end it will go somewhere. Trust in that, believe in whatever you are working on. Also, if you really want to do this then it is a struggle. Sometimes you get a break which is awesome, but, the truth is you got to put in the work. It is not easy but what is? Go hard, go big, push through, or, just don’t and support me. Thumbs up. Multipass.

 Where do you see wasted in five years also where do you want it to go

In five years I hope Wasted has started production hopefully on its 2nd season. Lets be real, development and production can take time but we cannot stop this Wasted tank now. It has to keep on going. As to where I personally want it to go, well, as I stated in the end I hope Wasted will be remembered as a show that was unique and different. A show that stood out on its own. 

 Why are you a Schwarzenegger fan and if you had to pick one of his films that was your favorite of all time which would you choose and why

Take away his politics and what you think of the guy, in the end, his story is inspirational. He came to America with nothing except his biggest asset. His body. Everyone has an asset which they can use. His accent was thick, he had a strange last name, he was too big for movies, yet, now, he is one of the most recognizable figures in not only the world but history. I know this because I have family all over who still watch his films. Also, he is an immigrant such like myself. I came to North America in 88. Like, Tony Montana, Arnold chased the American dream and now anyone can make an Arnold impersonation even though they have never seen any of his films. He is a pop culture icon.
My favorite film is the one film which made me take Film and Acting seriously. Conan the Barbarian. I know, odd choice but it is. Each scene in the film has a reason, a point. It is really well made. The mix of magic, monsters, characters, all are well done. The music, direction from Milius. Everything about this film is amazing and to anyone that have doubts just hit me up and I will explain to you why CtB is phenomenal. Also, it is Arnold’s most purest performance before he became the megastar caricature.

 What is your favorite NBA team and who is your favorite wrestler? are these the only sports that you enjoy?

I gotta support the Raptors, being from Toronto and all. They will go far this year, not all the way, but, hopefully past 2nd round.
My favorite wrestler is Macho Man Randy Savage. Hands down. I also watch Football, Hockey, Baseball, NFL, MMA.

You said you’re enjoying the black science comic, what makes it enjoyable for you and what is it about?

I enjoy Black Science because it has a retro sci-fi feel to it of exploring different planets and meeting creatures while incorporating a this edgy, heavy metal aspect.

 Why do you like daredevil the most and is he your favorite superhero?

Growing up as a kid it was Spider-man, like most, but when I matured I came to realize how much I admired Daredevil more. To me, he is a much more mature character. Even with Mark Waid’s swashbuckling tone from the darker street level versions most readers are used to there is a maturity to understand DD/Matt Murdock. The character is incredible and you can relate to him. Matt can get hurt, he has a life outside of being a vigilante, an adult life I should say. And, his powers are unique as well. They help but also deter him. Now that Stark gave him back his sight with Extremis 3.0 it is going to be interesting to see how this works.  

 Why does the earlier (60, 70, 80s) sci-fi movies / TV shows interest you more than the current day sci-fi and from those years what are your some of your favorites?

They didn’t have the technological advancements as we have now, but, their main trump card was their ideas. I still re watch the original Star Trek series for the ideas put into the episodes. The themes, the philosophy, the questions being raised. The content brought about. 

 What makes a great film in your opinion

Honestly, it depends on how the film speaks to you as a viewer. I life films which people have hated, and, do not like films which people love. Man of Steel comes to mind, I though this film was amazing. A real game changer. Everything about it hit with me, yet, well, you know the criticisms. Also, I really enjoyed Alexander. 

 Whats the last movie you watched in theaters

The last movie I saw in theatres was Interstellar. Incredible film. Nolan has made his 2001.

 Whats your most anticipated movie in the next few years

I would say Cap 3 Civil War. I loved First Avenger and Winter Soldier, what an amazing film that is. That is so far Marvel’s best outing, WS. That is another game changer film. From all the Avenger characters I like and resonate with Steve Rogers the most. Just the fact he is a callback to a “good guy”. You can say he is naive and old fashioned, which he is, but, the whole cynic/anti-hero thing is wearing thin to me that is.  

 What’s your favorite type of fantasy and what makes you like Conan and John Carter?

The Conan world would be my favorite type of fantasy. Swords, Magic, Monsters, different civilizations coming together, high adventure, barbaric nature of it. It is just a fun world which appeals to me.

What’s your favorite a 80s horror series either in movies books TV shows comics ect.?

Hellraiser hands down. I just love Barker’s vision of the Cenobites, the box, pain/pleasure themes, etc. Just something visceral about the series that really sticks out in your mind. It is hardcore and has its own tone.

 What are some of your favorite Genesis games to play do you play any current day video games

A bunch. Toe Jam and Earl, Vectorman, Earthworm Jim, Comix Zone which I still have not passed. Eternal Champions was good as a fighter. Streets of Rage who can forget that. As for current day games, well, I got to my boy’s place to play. I still got some old PS2 games to finish. I do want to try Sunset Overdrive and see what that is about.

 If you had to choose one song by the wu-tang clan which would you say was your favorite and why

Ice Water from Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna. Off of his incredible Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album or The Purple Tape as the streets be saying. The production on it is amazenauts and the lyrics these Ghost and Rae killed it. If I was a wrestler this would be my entrance theme.

 Why do you enjoy Mad Max  post apocalyptic type stories?

What I enjoy of the Mad Max style of post apocalyptic stories is that there is a fantasy element brought into them. If you notice the costumes found in Road Warrior and especially in Thunderdome there is a tribal tone. Now, you add modern technology into the mix. It would be a mashup of The Hyborean Age with Industry. You get Mad Max. I am excited for Fury Road. I wanted to include that earlier but it is revved up for release so it does not really count as “Few years”. There are other post apocalyptic stories, but, it is the world that fascinates me. With the world also reflects the people. Someone make a Fallout film and cast me, please!

 Looks like you enjoy anime/manga tell us about the two you mentioned pre-interview Fist of the North Star / Great Teacher Onizuka?

Fist of the North Star, there is an unapologetic bravado about it. It is macho, it is gory, it is almost black and white in its storytelling of good guys vs bad guys. Or, Kenshiro against all the sons of bitches that go against him to get Yulia back. Sometimes you can enjoy that broadness and extremes of simplicity. It’s just fun. And, they heavily borrow from Mad Max as well.
Great Teacher Onizuka, the Onizuka character and the stories that revolve around him in school is funny to me. Again, more broad and unapologetic. I find it humorous, but, there are true genuine moments. The Onizuka character is very charismatic as well. Someone make an English live action version and cast me….please!


Comics Galore. Part 8.

Happy hump day as all the cool cats say or as I like to call it New Comic Book Wednesday! I only read 2 issues this week and they weren’t digital! Ah the feeling of actually holding a comic in my bare hands. Here’s what I read!


Gotham by Midnight. Issue 1.


Arkham Manor. Issue 1.

I have another exciting news to share with you all however nobody quite cares! I finally created my Dragon Age Inquisition after 10 attempts haha Damn Role playing games!




Happy Reading! I also finished reading Sleepy Hollow book and I started reading a Tomb Raider book as well!

Happy Reading!