Video Game Movies. Take 2

Hello fellow movie watchers/lovers! I realize that this post was supposed to go up onto the internet towards the tail end of November but life got pretty hectic with work and the holiday of Thanksgiving got in the way but hey I need something else to post into this fine month of December.
let’s get to round two of our Video Game Movie picks. Robyn is up first this time lets see what she picked/enjoyed!

Robyn’s Pick
Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
gajgaWhat video game movie is guaranteed to show you the most gruesome, creepiest creatures ever thought of? That’s right, Silent Hill. I decided to watch the second installment, Silent Hill: Revelation (mostly because the first one isn’t on Netflix streaming). This movie continues the interesting life of Sharon, whom now goes by the name Heather. She starts to see things, alternate realities, pertaining to Silent Hill. She’s being followed by a P. I. whom felt the need to warn her about the Order who tries to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets a boy (I had no idea who Kit Harrington was when I first saw this movie, but do I now) who turns out to be from the Order trying to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets other interesting characters, such as Alessa’s mother and two girls who got lost and trapped in a mannequin-spider’s web, and the terrifying Pyramid Head. After wandering through the town, saving Vincent from the nurses, becoming one with Alessa, she confronts the leader, who is actually the ugly razorbladed monster we see periodically throughout the movie. Pyramid Head comes in to fight her, then after killing her just walks off (I don’t understand why he would save her). Her father decides to stay and look for her mother. I think they did a great job spelling out the story, giving the how’s, the who’s, and the why’s. I don’t know how the games play out, but I think I can assume it doesn’t follow it on every point. That’s not always a good thing to do, but in this case it worked out just fine. I kind of hope they do another movie. I would like to see what other creatures they could come up with.

Courtney’s Pick
Doom (2005)
imagesWE0PM6NDWell first off how could you not love a movie that has Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban in it? I mean they are two muscle-bound hotties, oh sorry got of track a little bit!
There is one scene in particular that sold me on this entire film and yes I know it has been criticized for the cheesiness of it all but growing up playing this game, or watching a sibling play, then you know what I’m talking about. (I remember playing with the chainsaw hacking up everyone) I love how at the end (spoiler) it shifts into First Person Mode while Urban walks down a long Corridor to save his sister (if I remember correctly been a while since I have watched it) anyways you can correct me if I am wrong. I find it hard to keep details straight any longer. However with that being said I usually don’t go for these types of movies and if I do end up watching them it has to be light outside way before my bedtime *Dooms not that scary, not even in the slightest* if you enjoy campy movies like myself then you’ll love Doom. I am a huge Urbanite as I like to call myself! We need more video game based movies am I right?

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