Comics Galore. End 2014.

The end is here. The end of the year 2014 that is no need to worry! Just enjoying the last few hours in this year before moving onto new bigger and better things in 2015! Decided that since I read 19 out of my 15 goodreads goal I would wait until I could start my 2015 goal to start the next book so I thought I would read some comics to finish out the year and here’s what I read!


Storm #4


Angela Asgards Assassin #1


Scarlett Spider #1


Storm Dogs. #1


Saga. #1
I must say this wasn’t quite ready for what was inside. I’d need to read a few more issues to decide on it either way. Wasn’t expecting the nudity but put that aside the story was interesting enough.


Dead Letters. #1

Hope everyone has enjoyed these comic posts even though there’s not much to them I just like to share what I read!  Hope to continue reading more and more comic books!

See you in 2015! Happy Reading! 

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