WYSIWYG is Live on Kickstarter!

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In WYSIWYG you play a light fingered thief. Your goal is to loot, pickpocket, and burgle your way to fame and riches.


Each player is attempting to collect Items, everyone gets one go at stealing from the target. As you collect the items, you will trade them in at a Fence each fence is represented by a color token. When you have 3 items with the same color Token. i.e. the locked Chest, The Ancient Tablet, and the Treasure Map. You trade them into the Green Fence. You get a Green wink to represent being “Solid” with this Fence.

Winner is the first thief to become “Solid” with 5 of the 7 available Fences. But keep an eye out. The other thieves maybe aiming to take your ill-gotten goods from you! And with the Fence Rewards come item cards that can assist in their nefarious plans to take your loot…

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