One Geekified Interview: Nerd Rage Renegades

 Time to bring back one of my favorite blog posts? Yes you guessed it, it’s the GEEKIFIED INTERVIEWS! Last year I had such a fantastic turnout that I couldn’t continue and not have it on here, So without further introduction let’s get right into it! The difference between this interview and the rest that I have written before they only contained one person but I decided I wanted to try my hand at interviews, especially with podcasts, with multiple people so we shall see how it goes. Please give me feedback on here if you like it this way or if I should go back to doing single interviews.

I have been following this podcast called Nerd Rage Renegades for the longest time and I hadn’t checked out the show until last month and boy am I glad that I did because it’s a great show, a little foul mouth entertainment doesn’t hurt anyone! Lets jump right into my interview with Spin and Space Chief!

Tell us a little about yourselves. Anything you would like to share.

Spin: 31-year-old geek guy who delves head first into the fandoms I love learning everything about them by researching and discovery. Live with my family and try not to strangle people on a daily basis.

Chief: Well, I’m a 30 plus year comic book samurai, I have 2 dogs, play the guitar, live west of Chicago with the Space Wife!

How has social media improved/impacted your life?

Spin: It has opened the doors to so many people and situations that I never thought possible. It is frustrating and sometimes I want to reach through the computer and slap the crap out of people for being stupid but it is what it is. Also met my blood brother Chief on there.

Chief: It’s literally the world….I’ve met so many cool people in different countries around the globe that share my interests,  met Spin on Twitter, our show is on multiple sites…so yeah, love it

Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

Chief:  My Dad…first and foremost….he was a huge Science Fiction and Superman fan my whole life…he passed in 2009 and I carry on his legacy I suppose.

Spin: My parents, I remember at a young age my mom taking me to see Willow and Transformers in the theater, buying me comics and video games, so BLAME THEM!!!

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

Chief: Enjoy this stuff….don’t overthink it, don’t listen to reviewers….make up your own mind about what you like and suspend disbelief.

Spin: Stop trying to analyze everything in a comic or movie and stop with the nonsense. Remember what it was like to be a kid and see these wondrous things and just marvel in it. Stop trying to change everything to fit your needs. 

If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be? And what would you replace it with?

Spin: Uhm I’ll say uhm you know I can’t think of one to give up, but I will add making wooden clogs and wearing lederhosen to the list!

Chief: Probably tabletop games….as much fun as I have, it’s difficult to get a good tournament going with people’s schedules being what they are.

Where can my readers find out more about you?

Spin: Twitter is the best place @nrdrgerenegades. Just ask away

Chief:  @SpaceChief75 just come ask me! Haha I also do videos on YouTube under the Space Chief Rants title…

As geeks we have been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that and how has it effected you as an adult?

Chief: Fortunately for me those things happened pretty few and far between, the advantage of an older brother I guess, but they did happen occasionally and I really can’t say that I’m over it. I tend to hold a grudge for a while. I think if anything it’s made me more guarded and fiercely defensive of what is mine.

Spin: I say fuck them (can I say fuck in this interview?) I have been to war and come back alive I could care less what these people think. Those who are my friends are who matter not haters.

Tell us all about your Podcast Nerd Rage Renegades!

Chief: Spin and I basically get together once or twice a week and just discuss things that we like, that bug us, things we’re looking forward to etc.. it’s fun and a far cry from our old podcast, which was way more regimented and planned.

Spin: It’s a show that was born out of anger because of something that had happened. Chief and I needed something to let loose our pent-up frustrations and we decided to create this show and it took on a life of its own and people dug it so we keep going. It’s unscripted, uncensored and when  you listen the opinions are ours. We don’t kiss ass, we don’t sugar coat anything, this is how we truly feel and you know what agree or disagree with us.

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

Chief: I have no idea…haha that’s Spin’s department.

Spin: Ok so we had played around with a lot of names or combination of names for the show. Then one night im sitting in bed and Full House is on right, and its an episode where Joey and Jesse are the Rush Hour Renegades, well change the first two words and BAM!

Where would you like to see your podcast go?

Chief: I haven’t thought about it actually going anywhere…I’m just enjoying it. We somehow (mostly through Spin’s pr skills) have been able to grow and gain a modicum of popularity and I honestly don’t know where it will stop.

Spin: I’d like to see it go to the point Chief and I are in a nursing home, shitting ourselves and hot nurses are changing us while we are still doing the podcast talking about shows that are a hundred years old.

What are some of your favorite retro games to play? What retro systems do you own?

Spin: Sonic is my all time favorite game hands down. I own all the originals for Genesis, also a big fan of Yar’s Revenge on the 2600. My retro systems are *cracks knuckles* Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Sega Game Gear, and im throwing in the DS, DSi, Playstation and PS2.

Chief: I love Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Centipede was my jam, Super Mario Bros. Mario 3…the list goes on! I own zero retro systems because Spin bought them all! Hahaha….but seriously I do not own any, I’m more the Comic Book/Horror/Novel guy on the show…I have played and enjoyed many “retro” games but mostly because I’m 39 and that shit wasn’t called retro when I was a kid…it was NEW! Haha

What intrigues you the most about shows based on the topic of Big Foot? Are you a believer?

Chief:  I think belief is the wrong word, I would say I’ve seen enough compelling evidence to support the existence of such a creature and think that real investigation is warranted. The reason I’m fascinated with this topic is the fossil record shows that the creature very well could have existed or still exists today unlike most other cryptid animals.

Spin: I believe mostly because I think bigfoot is my long-lost Uncle Morty.

What’s the last movie you Saw? what movie(s) are you most excited for this year?

Spin: Last movie I saw in the theater was Into the Woods, and can i say Anna Kendrick OMG!!! but i digress, movies im excited for Star Wars, Avengers, Jurassic World

Chief: Last movie in a theater was The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies….Most excited for Star Wars, Avengers, Mad Max and the SpongeBob movie!

What makes a great movie in your opinion?

Spin: Just one im interested in. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies or the like but a good film has to keep my attention and make me think or give me a shit ton of explosions and I’m happy. Or giant monsters, or unicorns, or Johnny Depp, or Anne Hathaway……..bacon

Chief: I tend not to over analyze movies…I just like what I like for whatever reason and don’t like what I don’t like…Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and almost all the time “Film Critics” are failed screenwriters that actually don’t know more than anyone else about film technique and all that artsy bullshit people pay a lot of money to have vomited at them at fancy schools.

What comics do you currently read? Are you into Marvel, DC or Indie comics?

Spin: I read comics from all companies. I like the characters and stories. The one I never miss however and have been collecting since 1993 and bought half of the collection from the artist of the book is Sonic the Hedgehog

Chief: I read everything…Marvel, DC, Image,  Dark Horse,  BOOM, IDW, Atlas,  Fantagraphics, you name it.

What makes you like Horror movies?

Chief:  I don’t know, I just kinda gravitated toward that genre. I was exposed to George Romero films at a very young age and something just clicked. By the time I was ten, I had subscriptions to Fangoria, Deep Red, Starlog and a host of other fanzines and was attempting to create special effects in my bedroom. My goal was to someday work with Tom Savini. That never panned out, but the love is still there.

Spin: They make me laugh. I mean come on every horror film is clichéd or predictable. I mean its insane right! But i love those “horror” films that make me think or are a mindfuck, like the first SAW. Ok did anyone out there know the dude in the middle was Jigsaw? Plus Jigsaw never technically killed anyone! AND THE SECOND FILM HAD DONNIE WHALBURG!!!

What’s your favorite horror film and why?

Chief: Still, Night Of The Living Dead…that was the first Romero film I watched at about 8 or 9 years old and I just obsessed on it.

Spin: Hollywood Wives……what I’m serious its terrifying! No actually horror films man I love some old ones like House on Haunted Hill, Sleepaway Camp, or those that just make you really uneasy.

What are your favorite “old” and “new” cartoons to watch?

Spin: Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Bob’s Burgers is my new favorite and my daughter has a hat with Bunny Ears and says its her Bob’s Burgers watching hat. Old ones, Transformers G1, GIJoe, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Cowboys of Moo-Mesa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men

Chief: NEW-Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Steven Universe, Gumball, Teen Titans Go, Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, anything from the DCU basically….OLD-Looney Tunes, Scooby, I get a huge kick out of anything from my childhood like He-Man, Superfriends, Transformers etc..

What TV shows are you currently watching? What show would you like to see on TV and what shows shouldn’t be on television?

Chief: Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead of course, I watch constant television so the list is immense but those four are definitely favorites. Far be it from me to say a show shouldn’t be on the air but stuff that I find absolutely vile is about 90% of everything on TRU and anything with a Housewife from somewhere title. I would love to one day see an actual BATMAN tv series that isn’t goofy as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam West, but hopefully the character would be taken much more seriously in a modern tv series.

Spin: All the ones Chief mentioned and Supernatural and Columbo. Yes I know Columbo isn’t a new show and it isn’t even on tv anymore but I freaking LOVE Columbo. Shouldnt be on tv? Kardashians, everything on MTV that glorify stupidity or kids doing stupid stuff. OH and DUCK DYNASTY I FREAKING HATE THAT SHOW!!

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm, if so What?

Spin: I think any hobby you can geek out to but I’m a hockey fan. Been a Washington Capitals fan for over 25 years and I love watching them play.

Chief:  I can’t think of any!

What’s one thing about yourself that not many people know?

Spin: I am an artist and a writer. Been doing that for all my life, I am a Marine Corps Veteran of the Iraq War, I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners at Pizza joints, I am a Gemini

 Chief: I have a college degree! Can you believe that? They actually gave me one.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own podcast?

Spin: Don’t do it for fame or fortune or because you think it will get you those things. Grab a buddy and have fun with it. Don’t over think, dont bog yourself down. Talk about what you love and why you love it.

Chief: Just be yourself,  have fun, make it interesting for your audience.

What hardware do you use for the show? (recording equipment, etc.)

Chief: Spin knows that stuff! Haha

Spin: Alien Tech, very advanced most humans have never seen….wait a minute! ARE YOU FEDS? IS THIS A STING? GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE! THE ALIENS GAVE IT TO US! ITS OURS!!!!!!

Thanks for agreeing to doing the interview with me Spin and Chief! If you want to join in the fun like these two please email me today! I have plenty of room for everyone so please don’t hesitate. Even if you’re not the best at answering questions/writing or if you find yourself uninteresting, please still volunteer no one will judge your answers because your being yourself and that’s all I ask for.  Email at and you can also find me on Facebook as well!



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