Soda Detox. Day 27.

Introverted Wallflower Chronicles

Just wanted to drop in and give a quick update on my resolutions. Well the sweets thing has been a total bust I won’t tell you all the crap I have ate over the month. As far as the caffeine part goes I have been doing exceptionally well I haven’t tasted a mountain dew in 27 days and boy do I miss it. I crave it every now and again but haven’t broke down yet although I did have a close encounter when a family member ie my brother offered me one and I almost replied yes! But then I caught myself and declined. Yay for willpower.

The migranes have been at bay for the past few weeks so that’s awesome! I can’t say I haven’t had any pop but the last time I had a Pepsi was a Monday 2 weeks ago I believe. I know the goal was…

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