Save Constantine!!!

Hello and Good afternoon my readers! This is my attempt at saving NBC’s Constantine (It may not help but we can still try that’s what journalism is for!) whether it be on the same network or if it needs to be on the Sy-fy channel. I just watched the season finale last night and I do not want it to end on that cliffhanger! Oh my WORD! Don’t tease me like that! Change the name if you have too, move the network, I don’t give a damn as long as Matt Ryan and the rest of the cast doesn’t change and I get to enjoy Constantine!

I hate waiting to hear news about this show I just want to know it will be making a comeback! Please don’t cancel this beloved show! It has something for everyone, horror elements, comedy, and much more plus Matt Ryan is the perfect for the role of John Constantine {I mean come one he is one attractive man!} And I have heard that the show has been pretty close to the reference material. How many times do you hear people complaining about a TV show or movie not being close enough to its reference material whether it be a book or a comic book? Trust me I see it/ hear it on a daily basis.
images9D6HL5K0If there was one show that was deserving of another season or couple of seasons it would be this one! We have to see what the “Rising Darkness” has in store for the mortal realm, and to see what happens to John, Zed, Chaz, Manny and more. What this means is that I am begging down on my knees for Constantine to come back for another great season, it is truly an amazing show and I love the direction it was starting to go in! I was hooked from the first episode to the last and you will have to trust me when I say that I’m truly surprised that this show has made it onto my favorites list but I am glad that it did!

 Thank you for your time have a wonderful day! And if you say you hate this show I disown you just kidding that’s your choice. If you haven’t seen Constantine I say GO NOW! Find it and watch it Now!

February’s Featured Pod: All Us Geeks

Hi loyal readers and newcomers alike! Are you ready for a new blog segment? Well you’re getting one! What is it you might ask? Well to tell the truth it’s just a comeback to a fun post I used to do a while ago called Podcast of the Month!!!!

My goal for this segment is to recommend Podcasts to those who like to listen to them and to share my love with others plus I secretly like all the thank you(s) and pats on the back from others! I will try to get involvement from the show host(s) and other listeners if possible! I will contact each show via thegamehuntress email asking to describe their show and then ask what it means to them! Then I will also answer two questions, 1) How I found out about said show, and 2) What I love most about the show. I hope that you will all enjoy this returning segment it might get a bit long depending on the responses I get so just warning you now. Alright let’s get to know the first Podcast that was picked at random!

Introducing February’s Pick: All Us Geeks

Show Synopsis :

All Us Geeks discusses board games, movies, television, books, comics, Kickstarter, and all aspects of geek culture. All Us Geeks likes to explore all the geeky goodness out there. We give voice to your inner geek!

Jeff’s Response!

What The Show Means To Me/Why Do I Enjoy Creating It?

For starters, without All Us Geeks and the continued support we get for the show; I probably would not have created the United Geeks Network or started producing some of the other podcasts I produce within the UGN. ***United Geeks Network***

All Us Geeks itself is all about the community for me. Both Jordan & I love to interact with listeners. The fact that someone takes the time out of their day to say they listen, thank you for something, or just continue the conversation outside of the podcast means the world to just about any podcaster; and we’re no different in that regard.  I also really enjoy sitting down and talking to the wide range of game designers I interview on The Game of Crowd Funding segments. Many of those people are people who I still interact with on an almost daily basis. We’re pretty happy to be invited to play in their awesome sandbox.

All Us Geeks has also been a recorded journey of Jordan & I becoming friends. We didn’t really know each other that well when All Us Geeks first started. Now, we hang out whenever we can and we record some of it for other people to hear. We’ve always said that listening to All Us Geeks is pretty much like sitting at a gaming table with us. We have the same conversations, give each other the same amount of crap, and genuinely discuss whatever topics come to mind. The only parts the listeners are really missing are the “job vents” we do from time to time. ;-}

So that about covers it at a high level: Community, Interaction, & Friendship.

Jordan’s Response!

To me, the podcast is about community and friendship at AUG we try to help the Gaming community grow and stay positive. Gaming is a great social activity, no matter the genre you’re into and we want to foster a positive environment for everybody.

As for friendship, I can’t count the number of great people I’ve met in my 30+ years of gaming. People have become good friends simply because I met them at a store, a game day or a friend’s house and we could bond over a shared interest. I want to be able to see that kind of thing happen for others with the help of AUG and I like seeing my community of friends grow thanks to the podcast.

Listener Feedback:

The Meeple Mechanic (@meeplemechanic) on twitter said; I publicly announce is a damn fine production. I am constantly impressed with their emphasis on community!!

Mike from Royal Monster Battalion  **Fellow UGN Member**  said, All Us Geeks has inspired me to not only start playing more games again, but to become a contributing member of the geek community, something I never would have considered without them!

The Huntresses Response!

How I found out about All Us Geeks?

For a while I was a “Virtual Assistant” to Jason “The Angry Ginger” **Host/creator: Sevendaysageek and Podcasting 101** on his show Pod 101. I was in charge of scheduling interviews with the guests, and Jeff was one of my first interviews that I scheduled. Once the episode hit the airwaves I became intrigued to listen to the podcast myself and I am glad that I did! For a while I lost contact with Jeff/Jordan, they rarely showed up in my feed for some reason, until one day Jeff reached out to me over the twitter and ever since its been constant interaction! Now I am apart of the United Geeks Network which was formally known as Geekcast Network but had to do a name change. I still listen to the show although I believe I am behind a few episodes, all I really know is I am glad to count these two as Comrades!

What Do I love about the Show?

Short answer: Simply put, instant friendship!

A longer explanation: Being a gamer, who only dreams about playing Table Top Games because she has no one that would play with, All Us Geeks has given me an opportunity to learn about games that are or will be coming out, they are also great supporters of Kickstarter! I really just like the chemistry these two men have when they are on microphone, and their interactions on the show whether they are talking about gaming, tv shows etc. I sincerely hope that All US Geeks is around for a long time cause Jeff and Jordan have a good thing going! There’s something for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for being awesome guys!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Listening!! Go Get Your Pod On!

TGA Podcast Episode 0030 – Moonbases Are Awesome

The Gravy Age

This week we hit 30 something. The guys cover Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Spidey rental service, Space Ghost voice actor Gary Owens passing, the Sana Amanat promotion, Matt Fraction’s Fifty Shades of Futures Without Violence campaign, and the return of Old Man Logan. At the end we learn the impact that fellow High Voltage Radio podcast Bayside High and Drunk has had on Chris.

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Book Corner: Red Harvest

Completed my first book for February yay! So what does this mean you may ask? It means its time for another Book Corner presentation! I hope you enjoy this series cause it is truly one of my favorite posts. I am so happy that I got back into reading I sort of stopped a long time ago but its a great hobby, one day I’d like to fill up a room for a library. A girl can have dreams.

Okay so remember last time I asked you to picture a Zombie Star Wars Crossover well I’m going to do that once more, and if you missed the last book corner please get an idea in your head.


Joe Schreiber does it again for me he is definitely starting to become one of my favorite authors. I need to read some of his other books outside of the Star Wars realm if there is any! Going to have to do research on that one!

Red Harvest is one intense moment after another. When I first started reading this book  I wasn’t into it as much as I was with Death Troopers. I felt there was too many characters to remember, along with who lives and how they die but the farther I got the easier it becomes!

I highly recommend this Novel to Star Wars and zombie lovers! It has just a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Once again I say I’m not into zombies but these last two books have kind of got me interested a bit more. .Does anyone have any good Zombie books to recommend? 

Up next is Sailor Moon #1


Then onto Cress. The third book in The Lunar Chronicles series.


Happy Reading! If you have a book you would like to share please don’t hesitate to send it my way would love to get other books out to all the bookworms out there!
Email me if your interested!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Share a favorite book with a loved one or friend!

Vampire Theme.

Never fear Movie Adventures has come back once more and with changes again. Don’t worry it’s not that bad, but due to life getting in the way, Robyn and I have decided to cut it down to one movie a piece instead of two! Lets not waste any more time and jump right into it!

We are always looking for ideas for Topics so please send them my way and maybe you’ll see your theme on this here old blog! And Maybe you’ll get to write a little bit about what movie you watched anyone is free to join in on the Movie Adventure there’s plenty to go around!

Robyn’s Pick
Interview with the Vampire

For a movie that is based off a book, it follows along quite well. Normally these kinds of movies diverge a bit with things that weren’t even in the books, but other than a couple of appearance differences (Brad Pitt’s straight brown hair and the fact that Antonio Banderas isn’t 17 years old) and some scenes being left out, you can safely watch this movie and still get most of the picture from the book. From beginning to end, the movie sucks you in. The whole cast gives these characters life, and you even come to love Claudia because Kirsten Dunst is super adorable. If you love this movie, then you definitely need to read the books. Don’t bother watching Queen of the Damned, though. It doesn’t follow the book at all and even as a movie in and of itself, it sucks.

Courtney’s Pick
Van Helsing

 What to say about Van Helsing…I know that it had many people in an uproar because they thought that it was a terrible movie. I am pretty sure it had some flaws but to me it was a grand movie! It has two of my favorite actors in it Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale and they were perfect for their roles! The ending always made me cry my eyes out. Whats honestly not to love about this movie it has Dracula, Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (all great monster movie characters) I could watch this movie over and over again!

Book Corner: Death Troopers

Another book to check off the GoodReads list! I am still in shock that I read 3 books in the month of January lets hope that I could do the same in February! 27/30 left for the year and I’m off to a great start!

Now let me ask you a simple question. How do you feel about Star Wars? And how do you feel about Zombies? Now what if they were combined?
Even if your skeptical about this just keep an open mind about the topic.


Death Troopers by Schreiber was an excellent read. Now normally I am not a fan of zombies not even in the slightest bit, I feel they are overdone and sort of overrated. (Please save the hate mail haha) Anyways with that being said this was a spectacular find and glad I read it! It has suspense and vivid imagery that it feels like your watching it all unfold before your very eyes. It can’t be good when there is a chapter called Skin Hill that just sounds like something bad is going to happen.  

Now there is some skepticism from other reviews I read on Death Troopers about the introduction to two main characters from the Star Wars trilogy (SPOILER) Han Solo and Chewbacca.  To me it didn’t bother me either way it was nice to see some familiar characters though!

I highly recommend reading this book even if your like me and don’t truly care for the Zombie Fad.

Next Book to read is:


Another Star Wars Zombie crossover by the man who brought you Death Troopers and Maul Lowdown!

Happy Reading! If you have a book you’d like to share please send me your reviews and you might get a Book Corner Spotlight!  Email is!