March’s Featured Pod: The Gravy Age

Boy do I have a podcast for you! Please read this article and then quickly jump on your computer, tablet or phone and grab the featured podcast, you know you want too!  This show really doesn’t need an introduction, Please get ready to read about another one of my favorite podcasts on the internet!!!

One quick update before you scroll down I have done an edit to these posts and I will no longer include Listener interaction because it’s too hard to get responses from people so it will only be me and whoever I am speaking with!

Alright lets jump in head first!

Introducing February’s Pick: The Gravy Age


Show Synopsis

Kris’s Response!

The Gravy Age is podcast about comics, or at least things comic book related. Usually. It’s also us taking goofy internet tests, and occasionally having picnics in the park. We also did a Gravy On The Side episode with Shannon Gretzon from Exspastic Comics where he and I talked comics, music, art and all kinds of trippy stuff. Stay tuned for more of that kind of thing soon, which may not initially seem comics related, but will touch base with musicians, filmmakers, and whatever weirdos I want to talk to.

Chris’s Response!

The Gravy Age Podcast is a show about comic books, things comic book related and some things not necessarily comic book related. We cover current comic book stories, news, television and cinema. 

What The Show Means To Me/Why Do I Enjoy Creating It?

Chris’s Response!

This show is an opportunity for me to do what every comic nerd loves to do; talk shop. Every week I get to sit down with my brother from a different mother and laugh, share, speculate and even break bread. Kris and I don’t only share a phonetic first name. We also both have a love for the printed page. We’ve met so many amazing people since the start of the show and our family continues to grow. Every time we interview an up-and-coming creator I get a wonderful feeling of being on the ground floor of something special.

As for the act of podcasting; I strongly encourage anyone out there who feels alone to podcast. The podcasting community is big, beautiful, and wonderfully supportive.

Kris’s Response!

What does the show mean to me? More than can be expressed in an email. It’s fantastic to get to hang out and talk with my buddy and try to make each other laugh. It means getting to know amazing people from all over the place, fellow podcasters, comic book writers, artists, fans. It is like opening a portal marked “inspiration” and just getting pumped up by people who are creating things, not for fortune and glory, but because they genuinely love comics, or podcasts or whatever it is. We are part of an amazing new podcast network, High Voltage Radio ( and I am humbled and extremely grateful to be a part of that family, so I need to give a big shout out to Adam from Axeology and Mad Mock from Zpoc Nation for bringing us into the crew. Every show on there is so good, I’m not sure they’ve actually heard us lol. 

The Huntresses Response!

How I found out about The Gravy Age

What can one say about this pair? From our first encounter I could tell that we would get along and become fast friends and look at that I was right!
I believe how we met was either one or perhaps both listened to the podcast “ChickCast” that I was on for a while then we began talking, later on I heard they were doing a show of their own and knew I had to check it out! Once I listened to the show we began speaking regularly and continue to do so whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or email!
Thank you guys for putting out such a great show for us to enjoy, and a huge thank you for all of the comic book codes you have given me, I value our friendship we have created over the internet! Its great getting to know you more on a personal level and I hope you feel the same way!

What Do I love about the Show?

 I enjoy their witty banter and both have great chemistry! I always get a kick out of the randomness that is The Gravy Age from the comic talk to the random quizzes that Chris gives to Kris!

One major thing for me is the social interaction that occurs, I stop listening to shows when I feel the communication has stopped (I mostly listen to indie podcasts just a FYI) although I do understand when certain issues arise, where was I? oh yeah these guys are awesome for this aspect!

If your like me and crave the interaction then The Gravy Age is a Podcast for you! Comics make the world go round!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Listening!! Go Get Your Pod On!


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