Lack of Postings…

Well I just wanted to stop by real fast and apologize for lack of content lately. March was not kind to me, been super busy and had a tooth pulled oh boy! It’s never ending! Here I was thinking that April might be a little easier on me but hey I’m allowed to be wrong at some points in my life! Unfortunately due to a family member being severely ill we have to go to California next Monday and won’t be around for a bit, going to take a break from technology, and try to make the best of the trip. 

My goal is to have the two interviews I have (Moving the Needle and Royal Monster Battalion ) up before we leave!  Here’s to fingers crossed I can accomplish this! Then in May we will be hopefully be moving into a different/larger place so I once again apologize in advanced for lack of content! I will get my stuff together at some point! 

Happy Easter and Passover! 

3 thoughts on “Lack of Postings…

  1. We still have to have you on, i feel bad lol the month we were podcast of the month we were buried by technical difficulties lol. Sorry to hear about everything going on. Good thoughts being sent your way and to your family as well.

    • Yes I totally forgot about that myself even that’s okay I’m not mad haha lots of stuff would have gotten in the way sorry to hear your having technical difficulties 😒

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