Lara Croft: Relic Run 

Square Enix has done it again! They have brought our beloved Tomb Raider into the IOS Google Play world which means you guessed it Phones and Tablets/iPads you name it! Hallelujah! Now Lara croft can come with you on the go! Let the raiding begin

Side note: I have a feeling that The Rise of the Tomb Raider will be as epic as its predecessor but that’s a topic for another day, really hope we get more information at E3! 

Back to this awesome mobile game! I have probably played about 2-3 hours tops (not consecutive) so far. As my friend Frank said on my Instagram account its Temple run on Steroids! Of course you run around collecting coins and other various objects BUT you also get to do some crazy parkour stuff, shoot at various creaters and so far I have even got to ride on a four wheeler that was pretty epic until I ran into a tree. Ouch sorry lady!! Hope I come across even more stuff, I could actually see myself spending lots of time with this game and I’m usually not one for mobile games other than Simpsons Tapped out! 

Hope I could persuade you to go download Lara Croft Relic Run free on the Apple and Google Play Store! 

Birthday/ Craters of the moon trip

well good bye twenty five and hello twenty six. So happy that the weather held out long enough for us to travel up to Arco and craters of the moon. Here are some pictures from our little adventure. Enjoy! 

Just a little Birthday selfie no biggie

Panic attack happened when I couldn’t see any more.   
I found my batcave!   


I am Batman, let’s go find us a Bat Cave! 

Such a cool place. Sister friend Tina and I 


Cave selfie! 


Safe Holiday travels 

Just wanted to drop by and hope everyone has a safe memorial weekend whether your going out of town, camping, working or just hanging out at home. 

Today’s the last day I will ever be twenty five and I don’t quite know how to feel about it this year. Weather permitting (been raining for days) we are going to drive up to Craters of the Moon (it’s in Idaho fyi) I have never been so I thought it would be a fun birthday. But who knows what tomorrow will bring for us all. 


All moved in! 

Settling into the new apartment will be a week tomorrow! We Just got cable and internet all set up yesterday just need to get the computer set up again! We are excited to be on our own once again but it’s still feels a bit odd. 

Quick update….

just moved into the new place! Now we must wait with bated breath for the internet to be installed I have great plans to further this thing so stick with me! 

This is so weird you don’t even know, I love this new place yet I was sad to say see you later to our best friends but now at least they can come over and we can still go over there! I walked into the old room and tears almost overwhelmed me. I feel a tear coming as we speak. 

I will get back to writing more and Hopefully podcasting some day… 

Nerdy kisses 💋

 Star Wars Day! 

May you all feel the force today! Happy Star Wars Day Padawans and Jedi/Sith Masters! Please enjoy these memes I found on Google I hope they make you giggle. May the Fourth be with you, Always! Gosh I love being a geek we have the best holidays!