First comes Love then Comes Marriage. 

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that all fifty states In the USA must recognize all marriages and allow everyone to get married, regardless if its a man and woman, woman and woman or Man and Man.

  I am a straight married woman and I think it’s great, I couldn’t be more happier that we are moving on as a society. Whether you agree with it or not love is love no matter the form everyone deserves to be with their significant other without being judged over it. Shout your lovers name from the rooftops, simply be happy! 

I fully support marriage and I would be sad if I wasn’t able to be with my husband on something so trivial.   

Gravy On The Side #0002 – Greg Wright

The Gravy Age

Greg Wright is a member of the Michigan Comics Collective and the author of Wild Bullets, a one-shot comic book featuring Sean Seal, Jason Jimenez, Stephen Sharar, Joseph Freyre, and Sara Sowles available digitally at Drive Thru Comics.

Additional information can be found at and at the MCC website Stay tuned for a review and a look at the book.

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E3 2015 is Tuesday. 

Tuesday is E3 Squeee!! How excited are you? I am going to do my best to catch a few conferences between playing Inquisition and going to see Jurassic World ( I hope)! 

(Well just kidding I have to edit this post I was dead wrong my brain is a day ahead I guess well damn there goes my excitement)

Games I am most excited to see is Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex Mankind Divided.  And anything else that gets thrown my way! Team XBOX One! Woo! 

The conferences I am looking forward to the most would definitely be EA (mainly for BioWare), and probably the Microsoft one! 

How about you? What are you excited for? 

Be Bold or Go Home. 

Well today I got a hair cut drum roll please!!! 

Meet the new Courtney!   

This cut was inspired by this photo found on Pinterest! 

Probably going to dye it something close to this color but not so bright! 

RIP Christopher Lee.

 With a heavy heart RIP Christopher Lee thank you for all your wonderful work I will never forget you! You were perfect in The Lord of the Rings/The hobbit movies as Sarumon and another famous role as Count Dooku in Star Wars. May you watch over all your beloveds! Once again you were phenomenal in all that you did.  

Book Corner: what I have finished reading

Hello fellow book lovers I know I have become a recluse in my writing but moving and the cursed writers block has me in a tizzy but I hope to get back on schedule.(yes laziness may be a factor as well. So this book corner will basically be a rundown of what I read over the past couple of months and hope it helps get back on track. 

Quickly I would like to sincerely apologize to those who are waiting on interview questions I hope to find a computer desk here soon. Please bare with me and without a doubt thank you for your patience! 

Now to what I have read the last few months last featured book was Cress by Marissa Meyer! Since then here is my list, listed from oldest  to newest:

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch


Darth Maul : Son of Dathomir


The Maze Runner


The Hunger Games 

And currently reading: Deus Ex Icarus Effect 

And there you have it we are all caught up! My reading has slacked as well hope I can keep my food GoodReads goal for the year. Happy reading and remember The Game Huntress is always on the hunt for XP and achievements!