Book Corner: what I have finished reading

Hello fellow book lovers I know I have become a recluse in my writing but moving and the cursed writers block has me in a tizzy but I hope to get back on schedule.(yes laziness may be a factor as well. So this book corner will basically be a rundown of what I read over the past couple of months and hope it helps get back on track. 

Quickly I would like to sincerely apologize to those who are waiting on interview questions I hope to find a computer desk here soon. Please bare with me and without a doubt thank you for your patience! 

Now to what I have read the last few months last featured book was Cress by Marissa Meyer! Since then here is my list, listed from oldest  to newest:

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch


Darth Maul : Son of Dathomir


The Maze Runner


The Hunger Games 

And currently reading: Deus Ex Icarus Effect 

And there you have it we are all caught up! My reading has slacked as well hope I can keep my food GoodReads goal for the year. Happy reading and remember The Game Huntress is always on the hunt for XP and achievements! 

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