Book Movies Never Watched

Welcome to the return of The Movie Adventures of Courtney and Robyn! Our first theme is to watch movies that we had finished reading the book of. There was plenty of Movie Adaptations to pick from but here was our top choices. For right now we are just going to stick to one movie each and see how our schedules go! Please enjoy and remember we would love for you to suggest our next theme! Don’t hesitate.

Courtney’s Pick

The Maze Runner (2014)


First off before I get to The Maze Runner movie I just wanted to say that I loved the book and the movie did it justice, which is usually something I rarely say about these kinds of movies. I finished reading The Maze Runner and immediately had to go rent the movie from the RedBox and watch the movie adaptation!

The movie had a great pace to it, and kept the suspense coming it was a wild ride, I felt as if I were stuck in a maze right along with Thomas! The Grievers in the book were pretty scary but in the film they were creepy, or if not creepier than I had envisioned in my mind.

I am looking forward to reading the next book The Scorch Trials and see the movie adaptation! If you haven’t read the book I highly suggest that you do but if you don’t have the love for books but you do love movies add this one to your list to watch!

Robyn’s Pick

Holes (2003)

Back in high school, for my senior year English class, one of the books we read was Holes by Louis Sachar. I enjoyed the book and finished it quickly compared to the rest of my class. The movie adaptation was pretty spot on with the plot and the characters. What the father does for a living, the home life, how Stanley wound up in court and then later at the juvenile detention camp. His fellow camp attendees and camp staff were just as interesting in the film as the book. The movie had many great actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Henry Winkler, and Shia LaBeouf. All brought great performances to the film and made the movie as good as it was. I would recommend reading the book as well as watching the movie.

(Courtney here I actually have never read the book but the movie is one of my favorites! Definitely adding this to my pile of books to read!)

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of your favorite books that have turned into a movie adaptation! Until Next time!

Branching Out!

The Game Huntress is pleased to announce that she is going to YouTube with Game footage from her Xbox One!! How excited are you?? Thus far I have videos from Halo, Inquisition and Advance Warfare! Please be kind and subscribe to my channel!! If you have any tips on how to make a successful YouTube page I would love to pick your brain!! Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!

The video down below is my Dragon Age Inquisition team going up against the Hinterlands level 12 Dragon. Sadly it’s a small clip!

Update: I now have a custom URL its

Independence Day🇺🇸

Happy Fourth of July my fellow Americans first would like to thank those who served/serve our country past and present without those men and woman we wouldn’t be where we are today! Live the American Dream!


Hope you have fun with your loved ones and also that nobody loses any body parts to fireworks. Remember safety first!