Superhero Movies!

Welcome to Movie Adventures of Courtney and Robin, and this time our topic was Superhero movies!!  I thought that it might be easier if we picked one from DC, then one from Marvel since they are they two major powerhouse companies. Of course I instantly knew what my first DC choice would be, it was one that I believe I personally haven’t watched since I was a kid (at least from beginning to end). Marvel was pretty easy considering I had just barely seen my pick in theaters before we chose this topic.
What are some of your favorite superhero movies from these powerhouses? There are so many out there and they are of different scales so I’d imagine it would be just as hard for you to choose just one.

Robyn’s Pick

The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight

It took me awhile after its release to watch The Dark Knight. I’m not as big of a fan of DC as I am of Marvel. Therefore Batman (and Superman) does not hold as much of my interest. However, once I finally watched this movie I was sucked in. It made it all seem incredibly dark instead of silly like the previous Batman movies. There was great acting all around, especially by Heath Ledger as the Joker (RIP). I have to also give a special shout out to Harvey’s face, having all of the flesh and skin burnt away was visually pleasing.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t have the same feel as other Marvel movies. It doesn’t feel as if you’re watching a movie about superheroes. It’s just another science fiction (with maybe a little fantasy) story and I really loved that about this movie. I had never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy before it was released and was confused as to why there was a talking raccoon. The introductions to the different characters was well done and it showcased their personalities very well. The different worlds, the different space ships made it all the more interesting (mining in a giant skull? I want to know more about that!) and I cannot wait for the second one.

Courtney’s Pick

Batman (1989)
Batman-1989How could I not pick Tim Burton’s Batman? Yes during today’s standards of film it would be considered campy, however to me I still enjoy BATMAN even if it’s not as good as some recently made films featuring my favorite Vigilante. I mean look at this cast Michael Keeton is probably one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne there ever was, he plays both parts equally great. Plus he looks great in the Bat Suit. Then you have Jack Nicholson as Jack/The Joker who in turn was an amazing “mobster type” Joker, he creeped me out but somehow I still loved all his craziness. I will always hold this movie in my heart and bash it if you will but that will not change my feelings on it.

Ant-Man (2015)
AntmanIn all honesty at first I was pretty excited to hear that Paul Rudd was cast as Ant-man/Scott Lang. I loved him in Role Models and had high hopes to see him in this role. As time progressed I just wasn’t completely sold on the idea of this movie and the first trailer really wasn’t that special.
Before July I had said to myself that I would probably have to skip this one however decided to see it any ways plus I heard from my brother how awesome it was and boy am I glad that I did see it! I went in with no expectations and came out of the theater happy as a clam. Ant-Man was hilarious, I laughed, I cried, there was action and humor all rolled into one.
Now this is just my personal feeling I thought that it was way better than Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t matter how much love I had for Groot and Rocket Raccoon. I cannot wait until I can add Ant-Man to my movie collection. I definitely recommend going and seeing, I wish I could watch it over again.

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